The Butterfly Effect Planner: Transformation Starts Here.
The Butterfly Effect Planner: Transformation Starts Here.

This project has already launched.

TheButterflyEffect planner is a Powerful Productivity system and Personal Guide with the sole purpose of setting the wheels in motion for Positive Transformation. It's a two-piece Life Planner that serves to help you reevaluate your current motives, and start acting on your highest values. 

Break down a Full-Year guide of Growth and Enlightenment into 13-Phases of Topics, each thoroughly encompassed by weekly insights and daily inspirational quotes.

Set your intentions for the months, days, and weeks ahead with our planning tool, designed to assist you in outlining your goals and helping you turn them into ideas, plans, and actions. 

TheButterflyEffect planner will support you in acquiring Definiteness and Purpose, so you can let go of the old and finally embrace the new. A comfortable, mini notebook - packed with years of Expert Advice and Mindful Philosophies - all while fully functional, and efficiently organized into three different yearly layouts.

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