The Butterfly Effect Planner: Small Changes, Big Results.
The Butterfly Effect Planner: Small Changes, Big Results.

This project has already launched.

TheButterflyEffect planner is a small Notebook that makes up a Powerful Productivity system and marks the start of a personal Journey to Happiness. It is a double book series of topics and insights that serve to remind you of the process and components it takes to build a happy life. A two-piece life planner that allows anyone to break down short and long-term goals into step-by-step plans, and help execute each one on their own set timeline.

It's an organized Personal development program that is made up of 13-phases of Productivity, Positivity, and Transformation. Experts in User-Interface, as well as Positive Psychology, influenced the structure of every page so that each layout is both effortless and fully customizable to all unique lifestyles. Each phase builds & binds the links that will guide you throughout your journey towards Freedom and Happiness.

Put all your habits and current mindsets into perspective. Re-evaluate everything you've accepted for so long, and begin choosing your life story, from here on out. 

TheButterflyEffect is truly targeted towards anyone. Anyone, and everyone, with any lifestyle can incorporate this planner into their life. A few minutes a day, can ultimately lead to years of experiences recorded for you to look back at - at any time. 



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