The blitz
The blitz



According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics from 2003 to 2007 an estimated 3.7 million burglaries occurred each year. Overall 61% of offenders were unarmed when violence with a resident occurred. 
This device offers a alternative that can be used as a nonlethal primary or secondary option




- A wearable device that fires different types of ammunition in fully automatic. The blitz fires faster and reaches farther than a taser with a higher ammunition capacity as well.


What problems can this device solve?


In law enforcement

Problem : Lack of nonlethal  alternatives to a gun

Solution : An expanding range of nonlethal ammo to provide alternatives

Problem : Swap time - The amount of time it takes to put one weapon away and pull another one out. The default weapon for a cop is the pistol because it ensures at least a stalemate if the criminal also has a weapon, but if the criminal doesn't have a weapon but is a threat to the cop, risks losing the encounter by swapping their weapon.

Solution : This device cuts it down to a minimum because not only is it already equipped under the forearm, but also this device only  needs the trigger to be brought down to be ready.

Problem : Shoot to neutralize becoming shoot to kill. The protocol with a hostile individual is shoot to neutralize ( shoot until the threat is rendered harmless ) , but because of how lethal bullet are added with the fact that police officers often lack efficient firearm training, they end up shooting multiple rounds bringing the target near death or killing them.

Solution : This device provides a  nonlethal alternative to incapacitate the target.


Self Defense


Problem : Shooting a intruder with a gun will typically end up with you in a court room. A certain criterion has to be met before you are allowed to pull the trigger.

The intruder has to pose a intimidate lethal threat. Otherwise you could be charged for a crime by the criminal themselves or their family members.

Solution : because this is a nonlethal alternative this weapon can be used to the protect your property if it is necessary to prevent an unlawful intrusion onto, or interference with, that property.

Problem  : Swap time. If the intruder isn't threatening lethal force than the owner can't fire a firearm.

Solution : Due to the fact that the device is located under the forearm you can have the weapon out, access the situation and if you need to you can move the firearm to the other hand and use the blitz.




Potential for New type of ammunition.

       This type of ammo will be a small explosive that will be covered in a material that will prevent it from exploding until pressure is applied to the front.  Due to the low amount of explosive material and the fact that the effectiveness of the explosive is buffered by the material surroundings it. The explosive will deliver moderate to severe pain and might cause minor burns.






Online Store

When the online store is up it will consist of

  • The product
  • Merchendise
  • Contact info
  • Among other things



Improvements scheduled to take place in the future


 - Smaller design

 - Faster fire rate

 - Increased ammo capacity

 - The ability to attach to watch bands or smartwatches

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