The Biri Co-Op Studio
The Biri Co-Op Studio

This project has already launched.

Hello, we are Jeffrey and Jason Biri. We are professional photographers based out of downtown Los Angeles.

Thank you for viewing our Kickstarter page.

The Biri Co-Op is a studio space for artistic freedom and content creation.

Before we dive into the campaign a little let us give you a quick background of our background. 

Jeffrey graduated college in 2011 with a degree in business management. Jeffrey didn't know what he wanted to do with his life let alone with his degree. So Jeffrey took some time off school to discover himself and see what he really wanted to do. Jeffrey went on the internet and did a lot of web-browsing and looked at a lot of blogs and forums. What he noticed was that he never really read any articles he just loved looking at photographs and images. Jeffrey was really inspired by National Geographic as well as portrait and street photographers. When winter of 2011 came around he received his first DSLR camera (Canon 7D). Jeffrey was overly excited and took it everywhere. At first he didn’t know what he was doing and he didn’t have many friends who were into photography so it was a lot of trial and error. Jeffrey wishes that there was a place to learn, meet other like-minded individuals who love photography and just stay inspired while learning the craft. Today, Jeffrey photographs weddings, sports photography, portrait photography and street photography.


Jason was first introduced to photography at a young age reviewing his father's Canon AE-1 with telephoto lense photographs as a child. It wasn't until college came around that Jason took his 1st photography class and he then knew that he wanted photography to be a huge part of his life. Making photographs are not only to preserve memories at that moment but also the story, the process, leading up to the shutter click. 

Photography has been a huge part of our lives. That is why we want to open a creative space like this one. We want to create a space where hobbyists, curious creators and professionals can come utilize the space to create,  learn and impart knowledge onto others and even showcase their work.

Inspiration for our creative hub
Inspiration for our creative hub

The Biri Co-Op Studio is a space to create content and be a hub to discuss ideas and bring them to life. This creative hub will not only sustain and maintain our small business but will also be used to empower local artists and give them a space to create and experiment. Our studio will house top of the line equipment for artists to use as well as the space. As a creative hub we will strive to build and sustain a cooperative work environment for everyone who comes through our door.

What the studio will possibly look like
What the studio will possibly look like

Our Goal and Wishlist

We need your help to bring our creative space to life. We have already found a location in Downtown Los Angeles but we still need pledges to renovate and pimp the studio out. Your donations will go towards equipment and renovations to the studio. $13,000 dollars may seem like a lot but we have done our research and the bills add up. 

The important thing to remember with our campaign is that it's an all-or-nothing deal. If we don't raise the $13,000 we won't get anything. It's an all or nothing gamble, but with your generosity we know we can succeed!

We have all of the cameras and lenses we need to photograph and create content. The money you donate will go towards gear such as lights, stands, backdrops, office furniture and small renovations.

Our Motivation

We have a strong passion in the arts as an expressive medium, we want to dedicate ourselves to creating a space that is conducive and inspiring to all artists. We want to create and maintain a hub for clients and collaborators to come and talk ideas, create, and push the arts forward. Our goal is to open and operate a studio that is inclusive of everyone from hobbyists to professionals. 

Our Vision

We plan to use this space for more than just an office and a studio. We plan to build relationships with local artists and even artists across the nation to have events to showcase artists galleries and work each month. Along with events we also want to utilize this space as a place to teach and have classes. We will invite professionals in their respective industry to have talks and classes to the public.

Upon fulfillment of our project we plan to invite all the backers and fellow creatives to come party with us in our new Co-Op!







Risks and challenges

As with any brand new idea, there will be plenty of unforeseen hurdles to jump and new challenges that may come up. If we receive the funding, we will have a team ready to have a proper build out and have it up and running in no time. Our biggest challenge comes next. Once the creative space is built and renovations are completed our greatest challenge will be getting clients and creatives into our doors. We must work hard in the coming months to spread the word through various networks, whether it be personal or professional and through social media and advertising. We understand that building visibility, a client list and a good reputation will take time. Funding this Kickstarter campaign is the first step in realizing our dreams to own and operate a fully functioning studio.

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