The Ballad Of  Myllie & The Tunes
The Ballad Of Myllie & The Tunes

Hello You,

I'm 'Myllie Tunes' - You can call me Myllie, Tunes is just what I do, and a word to make it more complete.
One of my friends always laughs and tells me: "Myllie, you have a great name, you know why?" And I always act suprised and shake my head "Because: whatever you do with your name, it always fits like : Myllie Mook, Myllie Book, Myllie's Coffee, Myllie's Tune, Myllie smiley, Myllie Music, Myllie.." and this is where I usually just nod and tell him I get the point. 

(Photo by : Marloes Bosch)

So Let's talk about my upcoming Kickstarter project:
"The Ballad Of Myllie & The Tunes" which i'm still working on.
Like many others,  i'm inspired by others  And my favorite indie artists has been trough the same struggles as I am going trough right now. You start somewhere, right?

A Ballad is a form of verse, often a narrative set to music. I would rather call it Chanson of 'Myllie & The tunes', since its the french word for Ballad. But I am not french, and I don't speak it fluently.

Ballads were particulary characteristic of the popular poetry and songs. And, just like a song - you start with a verse, a narrative set to music. So 'The ballad Of Myllie & The Tunes' is basically going trough the same process as writing a song, even the process of living life.

'The Ballad of Myllie & The Tunes' will capture the tour and detours of me as a twenty year old musician in the Netherlands and those I work and live, hang out with.
As we create and release the critically upcoming album, bringing people together, bringing music together, while building up a healthy music industry around us.

It shows every part and aspect of becoming and being a musician.
From standing on the corner of the street with a hat ,playing for tips, from tips to support acts and from support acts to festivals and sold out venues.

It will show the ingenuity and hard work to create something out of nothing.

Besides making a record, it's a lifestyle asking for adjustments. We struggle, we wish, we try, we pray and we have our hearts on our sleaves while we dare to dream.
It isn't easy to chase desires, but it should be a wonderful journey, while you are at it.

The upcoming kickstarter will have a documentary from about 45 till 60 minutes daily life and process will be filmed and shown to the viewer.

(Photo by : Greg Wijnstein)

So, by supporting 'The Ballad of Myllie & The Tunes' you will not only fund a CD.
You will make a dream possible and see it happening.
Think about  private video blogs everyweek, demo's handwritten letters and pictures, updates and whatever we decided to show you.

Music is to interact, art is to connect, it's in our hearts and our minds, it's the beauty of the human kind.

What will you get, once this Kickstarter project goes online?
We are still figuring it all out along the way, and We would love to have your opinion and feedback.
But here are the Idea's so far : 

  • Deluxe digital download 
  • custom sewn digital PDF Of all lyrics
  • Band Member photo's & Collab photo's
  • Handwritten stuff, artwork, drafts 
  • Postcard!
  • Plus that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you helped someone with their dreams
  • Copy of final CD
  • Bonus EP
  • Collection of songs, early demos, covers
  • Final press CD,
  • handwritten letter signed
  • Gig to be booked Online Trough G+ Or Youtube/Skype
  • or face to face Within Netherlands (Traintickets/Travel expences included)
  • Out of the netherlands (Exclusive Travel expences)
  • Documentary of making the record
  • Homemade footage (NEVER SEEN BEFORE)

We also have a few funny idea's, like free motorboating for the ones in my area ;-)
Maybe a set of some classy pin up photo's of our manly and female members,
Ofcourse, one classy poster of me - for your private collection, or bedroom.
Nudes? Probably not, but convince me it's for the art of music.
Skype time where you can request all the songs you want to hear for a hour or something.|
Personal one and one time
if you are in the area!
(I am still planning on going to travel in the EU and eventually to the USA so I might be able to stand infront of your door, for a bonfire concert/living room concert)

(This was my birthday gift to the one with the bunny ears! I eventually ended up rocking the joint!)

So you might wonder, why would I support a kickstarter that is making a documentary and a album?
Because, for me they go hand in hand. Like a LP with two sides. 
I am inspired by many documentary's, what inspired me to do what I do today. 
While I'm working on this project, I want to show what we are up to, I want to be able to show my grandkids someday, what I did in my life.
Why not support both at the same time?
Of course you can just pledge for the album if you are not interested to see what happened behind the scenes. 
And also the other way around for the filmmakers underneath us. 

So focusing on the
I met a wonderful human being who is willing to put his time and energy in my music and record my music with me. But I can't do this alone, It's why it's called 'Myllie & The Tunes' and not just 'Myllie Tunes'. Every single person who is working with me on this record is a member of the Tunes family.
I need to pay for studio time, artwork, pay my musicians and keep them happy.
Another reason why I need you to help me.

The music will have a wonderful mix of 70's Winehouse style, Bigband, Dixieland, Country, Rock'n'roll, Rock'a'billy,Acoustics.
Filled with muffled drums and distored guitars
Sleezy Trumpets and 'reefer' sounds.
A album filled with rhythm, soul, blues , from big basses to banjo's.
Wrapped and packed by a raspy voice and lyrics from the heart.

Inspired by ;
The Magnolia Beacon, The Dirt Daubers, Shovels and Rope, Pokey La Farge, Holy moly and the crackers, Meschiya Lake & The little big horns, Lake street drive, Amy Winehouse, KT Tunstall, Billie Holiday, Tom Waits, Melanie safka and many wonderful bands and musicians. 

Who will join in?
You?! If you can play, and are interested?!
Seriously tho, Many locals from the Brabant Area in The Netherlands,
But also some wonderful talented musicians from overseas.
(This happens trough skype and email Hail the internet!)
I will come up with names shortly.

('Cultuurnacht' Breda, The Netherlands 2014)

If you have questions, If you'd like to have information or you want to chat please send me a e-mail: or find me on facebook

Thank you for reading, Thank you for supporting,
Please share! 

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