Lala Bahari: The First Convertible Tote Bag
Lala Bahari: The First Convertible Tote Bag

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This travel accessory uses authentic materials to create an original product that keeps local communities beautiful for you to explore!  The Bahari Bag is the quintessential Lala Bahari product.This bag becomes a charismatic tote with a great story in just three easy steps. It can be used as a blanket, shawl, beach wrap or pillow and when you are ready to leave turns into a beautiful bag. The Bahari Bag is going to be what you to take to the beach, to concerts, the park, traveling or even exploring your own town! 

The Bahari Bag features:

  • A soft absorbent towel backing
  • Made from an authentic cotton kikoy
  • 100% cotton rope handles
  • A sealable velcro pocket
  • A Button strap to secure the rope handles
  • Handmade in Africa with quality in mind
  • Internal nylon channel for the innovative rope mechanism

We are proud to introduce our smaller version of the Bahari Bag! The Toto Bahari Bag is limited to Kickstarter and is completely unique. This smaller bag is used for picnics, quick outings, concerts, parks or any other place you might go. Choose from 7 amazing color combinations.


 The Bahari Beach Wrap is the original travel accessory with a story to tell about East Africa and centuries of exploration over the Indian Ocean. Loud, vibrant and natural, they are perfect for whatever adventure you set out on. 

We are offering our 3 prime colors but you might also get a surprise color with some of our larger rewards! You can choose from Blue, Yellow or Red.

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