The Avanco Hear - with Voice Recognition
The Avanco Hear - with Voice Recognition

The Avanco Hear 

The Worlds First Truly Wireless Quad Core Computer for your Ears

The Avanco Hear is a truly wireless Quad Core computer for your ears

Simply put the Avanco Hear devices in your ears, calibrate them to the way you hear and prepare to hear the world in a new and amazing way.

Each Avanco Hear is invisible when in your ear, so no more bulky ear buds!

When you connect your Avanco Hear Devices to your Smartphone, you can connect with your TV, Music, Calls, Game Console or VR, Computer or your Voice Assistant.(Alexa, Google or Siri)

Your Avanco Hear devices will give you 24 hours play time and you can extend this to 96 hours by using your mobile Wireless Charger.

The 2 DSP's (Digital Signal Processors) and 2 Main Processors in each Avanco Hear will let you enjoy every sound, every moment with enhanced crystal clear clarity due to our advanced algorithms programming. This allows the Avanco Hears' dual DSP's to balance, equalise and filter sound in real time.


No two ears are the same - Calibrate the Avanco Hear devices to your ears!

Put your Avanco Hear devices in your ears and calibrate them using our unique calibration process.

It only takes 5 minutes to calibrate the Avanco Hear devices to your ears, using the App. After the Calibration process the App then automatically programs your Avanco Hear devices, left & right, with your unique individual settings.
These settings are then saved as your unique Avanco Hear Profile.



The Avanco Hear Graphic Equaliser - Shape your Sound


How the Avanco Hear Works

The technology used in the Avanco Hear is different from anything else available in the World. Each Avanco uses Quad core technology - 2 Main Processors & 2 Digital Signal Processors in every device to deliver user experiences not previously possible.
In response to everyones demand for excellent Audio quality as well as extended Battery Life and Playback Time in wireless audio devices, the technology inside the Avanco Hear is engineered and designed to reduce power consumption by up to 65%.
This means a massive boost to battery life for Voice calls, Music streaming and everyday use compared to previous single-chip Bluetooth audio solutions.
Now you can enjoy using your Avanco Hear devices longer between charges.


The Avanco Hear also brings you VOICE RECOGNITION to control your devices.

For example "Avanco Volume UP" - Turns up the main volume control

"Avanco Answer Call" - Answers your Phone calls, Handsfree

Incoming callers will be announced through your device

"Avanco Next Track" - Music Program changes, Handsfree

or connect with your Voice Assistant "Alexa, what is the time?"

These are just some of the available functions.


Wireless Charger

Mobile Power Station

Your Wireless Charger holds 4 full charges.

Avanco Hear Charging Time

Your Wireless Charger will fully charge 2 Avanco Hear devices in 30 minutes.


Just put them in the charging bays and ultra fast wireless charging begins automatically.

Take your Charger with you

Going out? Take your charger with you, it's small enough to fit in your pocket.

Your Avanco Hear can connect with any Bluetooth device.

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