The After Party
The After Party

This project has already launched.

The After Party is a Twilight Zone-inspired  project that is very near and dear to me.  I am not just a writer/director, but I am a dad of two teen daughters. And I am gravely concerned about the world of addiction they are growing up in. I am watching their friends casually take everything from Adderall to Heroin. I just read in my daughter's social media post that one of her friends died from a drug overdose. It terrifies me. And now I want to scare them. But not in a preachy way. In the way that only I know how - create a compelling story. I want them to see that this world of addiction that we live in is not only hurting them but they are putting others around them at risk. So this project is very personal to me. It's my intervention.
I have decided to use five very strong and diverse female characters to explore different aspects of substance and alcohol abuse.  Why just females? To me, females are the strength of our society. They are now also the most vulnerable group when it comes to alcohol abuse and alcohol-related deaths. See Washington Post article. Their rampant social media use combined with rising alcohol and drug abuse are hindering them from reaching their full potential.  I want to see my girls not only reach for the stars but make it.
By working with the talented actresses we have cast, I have been able to develop the  honest characters who believe they are invincible, but soon discover how wrong they are.  As a generation who was taught everything is possible, it's very disconcerting to find out that there are things stopping it.
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