The After Eden Series
The After Eden Series

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The After Eden Series 

by Austin Dragon (Well-Tailored Books Publishing)


The Overview

“After Eden, Thy Kingdom Fall. All Kingdoms Fall, New Kingdoms Rise.”

In the year 2088, the 21st century nears its end. “Wonderful” Tek World with its looming glass and steel towers, artificial-intelligent controlled cars and roadways, and Net-enhanced residents—all under the watchful eyes of the Grid.

World War III. It was inevitably going to be one of religion, this great, grim, evil war of humans, machines, and other things in the shadows that have never existed before. Unfortunately, neither the cause nor the outcome was within our perception, though the former should have been. No one could ever have imagined that it would not just be the third of the world wars, as that is unremarkable, but the explosion of the first global war of the Technological Age, the Tek Age—a hell we had never seen before.


The Project

The first two books in this science-fiction, thriller series, Thy Kingdom Fall and Stars & Scorpions, were released last year in 2013, and the third book, Rising Leviathan, will be released on May 4, 2014. This year, we will complete the next three books in the series and you can be a part of it!  We believe the After Eden series is an amazing story, to be told over seven books in total. We’re going to complete the sci-fi, thriller series and by finding supporters like you, make our crowdfunding campaign a tremendous success.

We've launched this pre-crowdfunding campaign to build our "crowd" of supporters. With two, soon to be three, novels in stores today, our campaign will help us run a first-rate marketing and publicity campaign, to dramatically build our reader and fan-base, and complete the entire series.

The campaign will also lay the foundation for our long term and even bigger plans.

Both the publishing and film industries are dramatically changing. Robert Rodriguez launches the El Rey Network in a deal with Univision; Netflix is once again an innovator with its American political drama television series, House of Cards, which earned the first Primetime Emmy Award nominations for original online-only web television and received nine of Netflix's fourteen total nominations; and long-time comic book, The Walking Dead, becomes an American post-apocalyptic drama television series becoming a break-out hit.

Everyone in movie and television is looking for content. Content is king! A solid crowd-funding campaign means building a broader audience for the After Eden series. There’s no reason why we can’t see this sci-fi series move from the page to the screen and we see this “genesis of World War Three” in living color.


The Story of the Latest Book In the Series

Rising Leviathan (After Eden Series, Book #3): The Russian Bloc is hosting the summit at the opulent Catherine Palace outside of St. Petersburg. All three world superpowers are attending: the American President, the President of the CHIN (Chinese-Indian Alliance) and the Emperor of the Supreme Islamic Caliphate. The Russian President is so proud of himself and his goal to return his region to the status of superpower. It was a position they held until Western Europe fell to Islam, creating a new world power in the Caliphate, and relegating Russia (which merged with Eastern Europe out of mutual safety) to a second-rate power. But the unthinkable happens: the Russian President dies—or was it murder?

The chaos and intrigue are just beginning in Russia and Europa. And so could civil war.

The After Eden Series is a provocative, sci-fi thriller saga—a dramatic mix of politics, religion, and intrigue set over 75 years in the future. The epic begins in 2088 with the murder investigation of the most powerful political king-maker in America. A wider conspiracy is revealed and the start of a chain of events—from America to Mexico, Australia, Russia, Asia, and the Middle East—leading to explosion of World War III on September 11, 2125.

As with all the books in the series, Rising Leviathan is more than just a science-fiction thriller. The uniqueness of the After Eden Series is that it attempts to directly link our modern times to this future. The series is for anyone who loves hard science fiction, visionary sci-fi, dystopian fiction, and adventure sci-fi.

We Need You!  (And a lot of people like you)

Once we launch our official crowdfunding campaign, we will only have 30 days to reach our goal.

What can you do? Sign up yourself to be one of our supporters today.

How can you help? Sign up and spread the word. Share with all your friends and family, Facebook, Google Plus, Linked-In, tweet it, or email it. Whatever you can do to let everyone know about our Project and get people interested in also supporting it.  

On June 6th, everyone will be instantly notified that the campaign has officially launched! Then we'll all go to the Official Page and you can support the Project at any level you like, from $5 and up, in exchange for one of a dozen different cool rewards. It will be a quick 30-day campaign. 

What will the rewards be? From the $5 Level, which will include a personalized thank-you email and social media shout out to hundreds of thousands of people straight from a main character, that you can share with friends, to free copies of one or all the books (ebook, print, or all), to the opportunity to name a MINOR or MAJOR character in upcoming books, to even collaborating in the creation of the next book, there is reward level for you.

How do you sign up to support the project right now? In the big “NOTIFY ME” at the top right of this page, enter your email and hit go. That’s it to sign-up. Again, there will be almost a dozen solid reward levels to choose from for supporters of the project. 

Thanks in advance,


Austin Dragon, Fiona Kersey, Jamie Murray



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