The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry: travel books for kids
The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry: travel books for kids

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The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry are rich stories for your little adventurers that weave imagination & cultural discovery, bravery & laughter, beautiful artwork & the spirit of adventure. 

These stories follow Lily Huckleberry, a spunky, curious girl, as she travels around the world.

In the first book, we discover that Lily is a member of a secret adventure society and owns a magic globe that takes her on wild adventures around the world.  

In each book of the series, Lily travels to a new place, learning about the culture and it's beautiful people and traditions. At the end of every book is a colorful map and with facts about the culture, so that our little readers can discover more with each turn of the page.  

As we've lived and traveled all over the globe, we think there is nothing better than a good adventure, and are passionate about expanding kids' minds through travel. We believe that the stories you read as a kid impact who you become as an adult, so we wanted to create story-driven travel books to capture the imaginations of our little readers.  

The magical forest of Denmark
The magical forest of Denmark

Our dreams and goals for this book series:  

  • Show kids the beauty + diversity of this world: We believe it is important for kids to learn about other cultures, and the more they understand and celebrate our differences, the better humans they become. We hope these books give children a love for trying new things, that they grow up eager to explore this big, beautiful world. 
  • Model a brave female role model for both girls + boys: There aren't enough strong female role models in kids' literature, and we want Lily to be a character kids can look up to. Every good adventure involves not knowing the ending, and being courageous enough to take risks. We want Lily to help kids see what it is to be scared and brave all at once, and how to move past fear and learn to jump. 
  • Create a society of little explorers: We love when kids see life as one big adventure, and are dreaming that our Worldwide Adventure Society will connect curious spirits all over the globe. Let's explore the world together! 
  • Cultivate kids’ imaginations: We had a blast weaving ancient myths, giant flowers, and secret tunnels into one whimsical tale. Our hope is that these stories will help kids see the magic of the everyday, to see how a mundane moment can be turned into a wild adventure, if you only add a little imagination. 
The old harbor of Nyhavn in Copenhagen
The old harbor of Nyhavn in Copenhagen

In this very first book, Lily travels to Scandinavia for a Midsummer party, where she finds herself ket-splat in the middle of a strawberry mystery.  

As she travels around Denmark, Norway, and Sweden to save Midsummer, Lily explores Nordic culture and meets a menagerie of friends. She swims with The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, mingles with the King and Queen of Sweden, rides the Dala horse, and faces a group of grumpy Vikings that may or may not have something to do with the strawberry mystery... 

That's all we will tell you for now, we don't want to ruin the surprise ;) 

If this first book is successful, we'll get started on the next book right away! We are dreaming and scheming up Lily's next adventures all over the world...will she go to Malaysia, Japan, Kenya, or perhaps Costa Rica? Where do you think Lily should go next?  

The Worldwide Adventure Society has many tricks up its sleeve, and will continue to surprise Lily with the characters and escapades she finds herself in. 

 1. The book 

"The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Scandinavia" will be a beautiful 7x10" hardcover book (perfect for little hands!) that your family will treasure for years to come. Lily’s whimsical adventures in Scandinavia will spread over nearly 90 fully illustrated, colorful pages. The cover will have gold foil and linen binding, and the printing will be done in Canada using paper and inks that are environmentally friendly - because we want to protect this little planet of ours. 

2. Membership to the Worldwide Adventure Society

Because it's never too late or too soon to join a secret adventure society. As a charter member of the Worldwide Adventure Society, you will receive exclusive updates and ideas for exploring this big + beautiful world. We can't wait to see all the places the adventure society takes us, and you will get to help shape those ideas!  

3. Worldwide Adventure Society patch

Mockup of the patch
Mockup of the patch

This 3x3" patch will help you identify fellow adventurers. Display it proudly ;) Original artwork by Audrey. 

4. "Adventure Awaits!" print 

This print for your home will inspire you and your little ones to wander and explore every day. Original artwork by Audrey. 

5. Surprise "Scandinavia" box

Our very favorite Scandinavian treats + pretty little things... handpicked by Audrey & Jackie themselves. This box will take your discovery of Scandinavia to the next level, and you may find yourself booking a ticket to Norway immediately upon opening :)  

6. Limited edition copy of an original signed sketch from the book 

For your collection, enjoy this super limited-edition (25 only!) reproduction of an original drawing from the book.  Signed by Audrey, of course.  

7. Meet the creators

We're excited to meet some of you (for coffee if you're in the Bay Area or if not, for a cozy video chat) and talk about our own creative process. We are excited to help brainstorm your projects or talk writing, design, or marketing. If that isn't your jam, we also love chatting color schemes, flower crowns, mural making, and of course, exploring and wandering the world.  

8. Book launch VIP guest

Join us in the Bay Area for a fun book launch party, where you and a friend will come as VIP guests. We will make you a giant flower crown, or give you a Viking costume...whatever your heart desires!  

9. A drawing of your child in our book!

If your child would love to appear in this book, Audrey will make a portrait and incorporate him or her into one of the illustrations. Such a fun surprise for your little reader - the cherry (or maybe strawberry ;)) on top of the cake!  

10. Classroom pack

Hurray for friends adventuring the world together! We want to share Lily with schools. In this package, you will receive a book of Lily's first adventures + a patch for each child in your classroom, and a large "Adventures Await!" print. We will also write a letter to the kids in your class, encouraging them to dream and scheme their own adventures. 

11. Hand-painted mural by Audrey in your child's room

Because every kid needs to be able to dream big! For this reward, Audrey will help you add color + fun in your house by painting a custom, colorful mural on a wall in your child's room. (travel costs not included) 

So, what is a stretch goal? 

Glad you asked. A stretch goal is a funding target set beyond our original Kickstarter goal of $25,000. A fun way to reward you for any extra support you throw our way!


If we fund within the first seven days, Audrey's Danish husband (who is always up for, well...any type of challenge, really) has pledge to let his beard grow to be a foot long so we can braid it + dress him up as a mean Viking for our book release party :)  Trust us, you want to see this. 


Mockup of the Scandinavia patch
Mockup of the Scandinavia patch

If we reach $50K in funding, everyone who backed a reward with a book will also receive a 3x3" "Lily in Scandinavia" patch  - the same patch that our little hero herself gets at the end of the book. 

We need your help to print the first 1,000 copies, get an ISBN, hire an editor & make sure we get the book in tip top shape for printing. 

Hello! We are Audrey Smit Jackie Knapp - so nice to meet you!  

We live in Berkeley, California, where we concocted the story of Lily Huckleberry together. Jackie brought the story to life with her words, and Audrey illustrated it with her colorful artwork.

Audrey Smit is the founder of This Little Street, a design company whose colorful and happy aesthetic has built a following of nearly 20K. She has worked as a pattern designer since 2015, recently launching several successful product lines of her own. While working on this book, Audrey fell in love with illustration. She dreams that This Little Street's future products will be driven by meaningful stories to build an inspiring, colorful world where kids can dream & learn about the world around them. Originally from France, Audrey lives in Berkeley, CA with her Danish husband and their four adventurous little girls, who are constant sources of inspiration for her work. Follow her on Instagram: @thislittlestreet  

Jackie Knapp wrote her first story about talking animals in the 2nd grade. For the past two decades, she has mentored and taught kids worldwide, most recently working with orphans in Liberia. She serves as a Children’s Ministry Director in Albany, CA, developing a creative arts program that empowers children to collaborate on original films. Jackie has degrees in counseling and psychology, and believes that the stories kids read shape the adults they become. This is her first children’s series, inspired by a Thursday Adventure Club concocted for Audrey’s girls and her own gypsy spirit. Find her on Instagram: @gypsyjac 

Photo: In Copenhagen on a boat tour, after surviving a 12 hour flight with four girls under the age of 6  

 Love this little project of ours? Help us make it come true! It would mean the world if you could share this campaign with your friends, your family, on Instagram or Facebook... We'll take any love you want to throw our way.

Adventure awaits! :)


Videography: Miguel Castuera

Sound: Peter Humphrey

Post production: Audrey for This Little Street 

Photography: Audrey Smit for This Little Street + Ayla Isadora + Kanon Lee

Directing & general awesomeness: Laura Humphrey

And for the never-ending amount of support: Gina Drescher, Adam Drescher & Audrey's amazing husband, Troels.

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