The Actors Buddhio
The Actors Buddhio

This project has already launched.

A studio theater in a yoga studio.

Our name.

We're known as the Actors Buddhio because we perform in a space called, well, the Buddhio (an old elementary school gymnasium, now a yoga studio, located next to the Buddhist Temple in Spokane's South Perry District). 

Our story.

In August 2017, we teamed up with the owner of Spokane's South Perry Yoga to produce a concert-style reading of A BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY, an incendiary play about the rise of the Third Reich in 1930s Berlin (written by Tony Kushner, author of ANGELS IN AMERICA). The reading was a great success, so we followed up with a concert-style reading in December 2017 of THE NORMAL HEART by Larry Kramer, a play written during the dark early days of the AIDS epidemic in New York City. Our reading coincided with World AIDS Day, and it too was a hit.

Our next project, slated for March 30-31 2018, is a reading of FAR AWAY, a strange and wonderful play by the great British playwright Caryl Churchill. It's an absurdist masterpiece about a near-future world locked in a violent global conflict of such magnitude that even the animals, insects, and rivers have taken sides. ("The elephants went over to the Dutch," one character helpfully explains.) It's a mercilessly funny portrayal of a dystopia not far removed from our own.

We have two more productions planned for May and August, and we're working on developing a full season for 2018-2019. The goal here is to produce lesser-known, hard-nosed works that are less likely to be seen on a typical Spokane stage -- timely, provocative, challenging plays by some of today's most exciting playwrights.

Our needs.

We do staged readings, not fully produced plays, so our needs are pretty simple at this time: music stands, folding chairs, a sandwich board for the sidewalk, signage for the door, and printing costs for marketing materials (e.g. business cards, show posters, an FAQ document, a season-announcement one-sheet, etc.). Here's how it breaks down:

  • 30 folding chairs (@$25 each) = $750
  • 10 music stands (@$50 each) = $500
  • Sandwich board = $150
  • Metal signage for front door = $100
  • Printing costs for marketing materials = $500
  • TOTAL: $2,000

All purchases will be documented and showcased on our Facebook page as we celebrate our progress.

Risks and challenges.

Admission prices are very low (just $10), and seating capacity quite small (about 60-70), but that's enough to cover performance rights and venue fees -- plus we like to give a portion of the gate to local nonprofits when we're able.

We're doing this fundraiser specifically to cover the hard setup costs required for us to operate more or less independently, with no need to borrow chairs or music stands or other items from local arts organizations. (Our friends in the Spokane theater community have been wonderfully supportive, but of course they have challenges of their own, so we don't want to lean too heavily on their generosity.)

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