From the producers of Jurassic Park | The Abolitionists
From the producers of Jurassic Park | The Abolitionists



We will follow our Underground Jump Team ...



... as they rescue children currently sold in the sex market



The TV series

Operation Underground Railroad infiltrates the darkest corners of the world to extract, rescue, and liberate these children.  A major component of our plan to rescue children is a television series called The Abolitionists. The remedy that ended slavery in the nineteenth century was not initially offered up by the government. It was not a top-down solution, but a bottom-up approach. It was the people who stood up and said, enough is enough. It was people like Harriett Beecher Stowe, who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin and thus shined a bright light on the evils that too many hid their eyes from. Once the people could no longer ignore the problem, they acted.

If we are to stop modern day sex slavery, we too must shine a light. We must expose this problem like nothing has before, making it too risky for child sex organizations and their customers to carry on their business as usual. Our television show will do this.

With the help of Jerry Molen, Academy Award-winning producer of Schindler's List, our production teams will follow our Underground Jump Team as they enter the darkest corners of the world in order to rescue children and end the reign of their captors. It will be a reality television show like no other, and it will be instrumental to ending modern day slavery.

Our team

-Jerry Molen

-Darrin Fletcher

A message from the Underground Jump Team


There are nearly two million children currently suffering in captivity in the world today. They are sex slaves.  These children are abused daily, thousands of them being imported every year into developed countries like the United States and Canada. These children range from toddlers to teenagers. People have been talking about this problem for some time. But these children don't need more talk. They need action. They need to be extracted from the hell they are living in. We know how to extract them. This is what we do. We rescue them and place them into safe-havens where they can be rehabilitated. Then we go after the bad guys and break their organizations. Help us do this. Help us help the children.

We have gathered the world's experts in extraction operations and in anti-child trafficking efforts. They are former CIA, FBI, Navy SEALs, and Green Berets. They make up what we call the Underground Jump Team.  While the United States government is leading the world in such operations, it is largely hindered by bureaucracy and jurisdictional limitations. If there is no U.S. statute being violated, then no U.S. action can be taken. Because most of these suffering children fall outside of U.S. jurisdiction and often find themselves kidnapped and abused in regions where the resources to save them are scarce, it is time for private citizens and organizations to rise up and help. It is our duty as a free and blessed people. If not us, who?


We have partnered with private software and data mining companies who have developed cutting edge tools to locate and detain international child-trafficking organizations. Over the last decade these tools have led to the rescue of thousands of children and to the apprehension of thousands of pedophile captors. (Note: These tools do not violate privacy rights, as they only mine data that has been publicly disseminated by those seeking to sell children.) Sadly, these tools have only been utilized in developed countries, leaving those infected nations with the most enslaved children to fend for themselves. Our Underground Jump Team will end this. Partnering with government jurisdictions throughout the world, we will provide these tools free of charge, and we will work side by side with our foreign partners until the children on the other end of that dark Internet line are liberated.

But it doesn't end there. Tapping into vast human intelligence resources developed over many years, our Jump Team will also locate the most active child sex rings in the world. Our Team will then rapidly deploy and, through a series of undercover sting operations, find and rescue these innocent children. Working hand in hand with our government partners, we will ensure that the perpetrators are held responsible and taken to a place where they can never hurt children again. The children will then be placed with the best shelters and institutions in the world to begin their rehabilitation. We stay with them through the entire process.


Our mission is straightforward: Using cutting-edge computer technology and human intelligence, we contract undercover teams of former CIA and Special Ops personnel to go into the darkest corners of the world to help local law enforcement liberate enslaved children and dismantle criminal networks.

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