The 2nd Luckiest Golf Ball In The World
The 2nd Luckiest Golf Ball In The World

Better Golf and Better Life Through Balance, Belief and Balls

The Fú name comes from a Chinese symbol meaning "happiness and good fortune" and those words encompass everything we want to promote with this project.

We've developed a new golf ball for experienced and hacking golfers alike that want to not only play better golf, but have a better state of mind and increase enjoyment (on and off the golf course). Small batches of high end balls have been designed and magically enhanced and we are now looking to further spread the magic and the fun.

We have completed Stage 1 Testing with a small enthusiastic crew in Vermont and the results are awesome. We now are setting up for crowd funding and Stage 2 Testing that can involve you. We need help getting the next batches of balls and accessories produced so we can continue the testing (and party) within a larger community.

There will be some awesome perks (balls, hats, unbreakable tees, shirts, golfing in Vermont, the chance to design our next ball, invites to our annual party and more). We will of course have some special exclusive offers for the early birds, so please join us and stay tuned!

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