The 21st century urban breathing mask for health-conscious global citizens.
The 21st century urban breathing mask for health-conscious global citizens.



We developed the 21st century urban breathing mask for health-conscious global citizens. We combined reliable protection, unmet comfort and outstanding design to develop the best mask for you.  


Air pollution is the world's biggest environmental health risk, linked to around 7 million premature deaths (WHO).

Millions of people grow up in areas where breathing outside increases the chances for severe health effects, such as asthma, lung cancer and heart attacks. In fact, breathing in urban cities, such as Beijing, for a day can be compared to smoking 40 cigarettes.

But air pollution is not only a problem in cities that appear daily in the news. You would be surprised how bad the air quality in most larger cities all around the world really is.


You know that air pollution is a problem in your city, but how can you best protect yourself? We tried and tested every mask we could find and the results were sobering.

Some of the products seemed to stem from an industrial age and were hard to wear and breathe in. The others looked better, but failed our efficiency tests miserably. If you wear a mask, it needs to protect. We went back to the drawing board and redesigned the optimal urban mask from scratch.








 Inspired by Swedish nature and minimalism, our masks complement your style and individuality. Our designs work for any metropolitan setting - commuting, work or meeting with friends - you will be dressed in style.




We have taken the best technology available to create unrivaled protection of our mask. You will feel the difference.

  • PPA layer for protection and longevity of filter 
  • Active carbon refiner to remove odors and protection against organic compounds 
  • Electrostatic air filter for increased breathability 
  • Melt-blown microfiber filters particles of all sizes

 Our filters leave only clean air behind. Protect yourself with up to 99% efficiency against viruses and bacteria, allergens and smog. Your lungs will thank you later.


 The Airinum mask is designed with comfort in mind. All materials are ultra-breathable and light.

The shape and sizes of our mask adapt to you. We have worked hard to make our mask fit in your daily live - whether it is commuting on a motorbike, in the subway or walking around town.




Using masks for one-time use is not good for you, your wallet or your environment. We therefore decided to make our mask more sustainable for everybody.

The filter of our mask can be replaced - and last depending on your air quality around 1 month! The rest of the mask can be washed and used for years.


When you choose our mask as reward you will be able to choose from stylish 12 designs. We combined expressive colors with beautiful patterns to models for men, women and kids.


To protect reliably, a mask needs to fit well. We have created four sizes of our mask that fit to all face sizes, whether children, women or men. You will be able to choose any size on your reward.


 To make our mask even more comfortable and easy to fit we equipped the mask with a flexible stretch binding, adjustable ear loops and an attachable neckband.










We are a passionate team that values high-quality and well-designed products. With our strong network of partners in Sweden and around the world we want to provide the best information and protection against air pollution.





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