ThatAway Custom Memory Signs
ThatAway Custom Memory Signs

This project has already launched.

What makes you, YOU?

Celebrate Yourself, Your Loved Ones, Your Identity, Your Distinctiveness By Pointing the Way!


The ThatAway-Pro sign is an indoor/outdoor sign that can be placed on patios, backyards, barbecue areas or inside your living room or den! It is made with color safe industrial grade plastic that is weather resistant and UV protected, making it completely safe for outdoor use. The patent-pending ThatAway-Pro sign stands over six feet tall and is extremely easy to assemble. Our signs are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

The ThatAway-Mini sign is built with the same materials as the ThatAway-Pro.  The indoor sign can be placed on desks, tables, book shelves,or dressers.  The patent-pending ThatAway-Mini sign stands over 12 inches  tall and is extremely easy to assemble. And of course the ThatAway-Mini is made in the U.S.A.

 And only your imagination limits what you can put on the destination slats:

The Idea

We have seen directional signs everyday and everywhere:

Wouldn't you want to make your own? One which points to the exact directions and has the right distances to the places that mean something to you?  


So, we went on to design a directional sign that was not only cool looking but actually served a purpose of pointing the right way.  

We designed it right here in the United States and made the most eloquent yet functional directional sign ever built.  The design is very simple yet allows the customer to point the sign in all the right directions.  

The sign is so unique we have a patent pending with USPTO (and a few other countries which we are planning on selling in the future).  

The Concept

Why do you need such a cool looking directional sign?

The signs are a fresh idea for the old concept of the directional sign. Whether you were born in Peru, went to school in Boston, honeymooned in Paris, live in Orlando, have a favorite sports team, or planning a retirement in Hawaii; ThatAway Memory Signs will point you in the right direction (exactly). The signs will line up your hopes, memories, dreams, favorite vacation spots, family locations and more. Each slat of the sign will have precisely the distance and direction to your memory places. (Or just come up with your own ideas and don't worry about distances or directions). 

We are showing America's Diversity.


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