Tested and Proven: Good Enough to Eat Bath & Body Care! (Launching 5/4/15)
Tested and Proven: Good Enough to Eat Bath & Body Care! (Launching 5/4/15)

The Butter Bar began in 2014 when two ingredient-obsessed best friends, (Kimberly-Chloe and Deanesha) were looking for great smelling bath & body products that didn't have a whole bunch of unnecessary chemicals. When they weren’t able to find anything that fit the bill, they decided to make their own in Houston, TX

We don’t use chemicals OR chemically-altered ingredients. Our goal is to make your life sweeter, by any natural-means necessary! Our philosophy is, our products should be “Good Enough to Eat”!

For years, Kimberly-Chloe was having to constantly turn away from the usual bath and body brands that most of her friends loved to use due to the chemical ingredients that she found on their labels. While she was envious of the lovely, and a lot of times, delicious smelling bath and body lotions and scrubs her friends used on a regular basis, she was not envious of the possible side effects of using these products. Frustration set in as she searched every website, store, and small marketplace shelve, putting her trust in the products that were being sold. Feeling upset by the non-disclosure of the big-brand companies’ label ingredients, Kimberly-Chloe approached her best friend Deanesha with the idea of starting their own bath & body company! They tracked down natural ingredients, researched the best skincare practices, and tried every natural scent and fragrance out there.

Deciding to keep it totally simple, they cut out the expensive beauty fillers that drive up product cost without much benefit to show for it, and replaced them with four primary natural components:  shea butter, sweet almond oil, cane sugar, and fragrances derived from fruit and spice infused oils!

Simple, effective products + natural ingredients= Good Enough to Eat!

As the company has grown our product choices and expand into more items, we decided to share our products with others-and they LOVED them!!

AND NOW…We’re ready to approach a few retailers to carry our products in their stores-Here’s why:


  • The Butter Bar is All-Natural
  • The Butter Bar is Indulgent.
  • The Butter Bar Creates Flawless Skin
  • The Butter Bar Impacts The World Water Crisis
  • The Butter Bar is Good Enough to Eat!



Not only do these products deliver phenomenal skin miniaturization, exfoliation and cleansing … without the use of potentially carcinogenic toxins like sulfates, parabens, petroleum, etc … but they are very economical for a luxury natural brand, boasting a 1-year shelf life and costing consumers a mere $11.00 per jar when used properly.(Pictured Above-The Butter Bar Natural R$ch Butters and Sugar Scrubz )

As we began producing our initial products, we envisioned bath & body products that were safe, natural, and naturally luxurious…. We continued our research for even more products that would enable women to convert their skincare routine to a more natural one without sacrificing the luxury of smelling great! Keeping in mind the fact that both color and fragrance are natural – The Butter Bar is proud to bring color and scent back into natural beauty and personal care products. 

In the winter of 2014, we met Erin Stiles, the Executive Director of The African Child for Youth, at a trade-show.

Erin approached us with an offer we could NOT refuse!- Their non-profit organization had a shea farm in Ghana, West Africa, and that if we allowed them, they could supply our shea butter.

In doing so, the money we pay for our shea butter would go toward providing water for the children in their youth program over in Ghana.

They have now become our exclusive provider of all of our shea butter! Imported directly from Ghana, every one of our products is able to help with, as well as bring awareness to the World Water Crisis in developing countries.

When buying any of our shea-based products, you are directly benefiting The African Child and Water 4 Youth and helping to battle the World Water Crisis!


Everyone knows starting any company is hard work. Bringing 20 new products to the retail market is tough too! Here's what we we've done so far:

  • Formulating 6 essential AND affordable bath & body products for every woman.
  • Testing and using the products in our (and our children’s) daily regimens and hundreds of other women’s regimens that were willing to test and report back to us!
  • We didn't stop there! Researching natural liquid soap, hand lotion, and exfoliation formulas.
  • Analyzing of raw materials to ensure purity and excellence.
  • Finding the perfect bottles, closures, pumps and triggers.
  • Researching perfect blends and manufacturers of essential oils to find 20 unique fragrances.
  • Label design and re-design and re-design – We’re really obsessed!
  • Boxes, packaging supplies and test shipments.
  • Showing products at Trade-shows to gain more market insight(Pictured above-The Butter Bar R$ch Butter and Sugar Scrubz all come in these cute little boxes!)

 Here’s what we still need to do (And what we need your financial help for):

  • Microbiological Quality Testing (Making sure it won’t grow eyeballs!) $1,200

  • Preservative Challenge Testing (Don’t worry, we only use all-natural preservatives) $2,000
  • Stability and Shelf Life Testing (Even fruits have a shelf-life!) $1,000
  • Non-Animal Safety/Toxicity testing (Making sure YOU won’t grow eyeballs!) $800

Perfecting formulations, assessing costs, appeasing the FDA, etc.…added all together – (drumroll please!)...it comes out to roughly $5K.  

Our Indiegogo goal of $5,000 will allow us to get these truly “Good Enough to Eat” products into your hands with a Indiegogo discount!

And together we will achieve: 

  • Initial Placement in local stores!
  • 10X more Drinking water sent to the youth! 
  • The ability to deliver flawless skincare to women everywhere!

Goals & Stretch Goals: 

Goal 1:  Our initial goal of $5,000 will allow us to get our luxury products into your hands with an Indiegogo discount!

Stretch-Goal 2:  $15,000 Stretch goal will enable us to develop our "much requested" Butter Bar Baby line of products! Every supporter will receive a FREE sample of our Butter Bar Baby line of products (Baby Soap, Lotion, Baby Butt-er, and Powder), free of chemicals and toxins. 

Stretch-Goal 3: $40,000 Stretch goal will enable us to begin the process of opening the very first retail location of The Butter Bar, in Houston TX

Here we go - Check out these amazing perks!!!

Helping to solve the World Water Crisis- That’s the best perk of all! But we have other perks too, including the following:

Perk: Tasty ($1.00) 

Thank you so much for helping! We are eternally grateful! Every single dollar counts. We truly appreciate your support.

Perk: Yummy ($5.00)

Thank you for helping! We will add your name to our Contributor list on all of our Social Media with a special shout-out on YouTube!

Perk: Delicious ($25)


(1) 1R$ch Butter to keep your skin Flawless!

Shipping & Handling included*. 

*Please add $15 to your order for international shipping outside the U.S.

Perk: Butter Us Up and Call Us Happy! ($40)

(1)-R$ch Butter & (1)-Sugar Scrubz

Shipping & Handling included*.

*Please add $15 to your order for international shipping outside the U.S.

Perk: Butter Tell Somebody! ($75)

(1)-R$ch Butter & (1)-Sugar Scrubz, (1) – “Naturally Sexy” T-shirt, and you will be listed as a Featured Sponsor on our website!

Shipping & Handling included*.

*Please add $15 to your order for international shipping outside the U.S.

Perk: Butter-Boom! ($100)

Everythang from $75 Level + (1)- Butter Box autographed by Kimberly-Chloe & Deanesha!

Shipping & Handling included*.

*Please add $15 to your order for international shipping outside the U.S.

Perk: #No Flaws In You ($250)

(1)- 4 month Subscription to The Butter Box! ($120 value) + (1) “Naturally Sexy” T-Shirt, both autographed by Kimberly-Chloe & Deanesha!

Shipping & Handling included*.

*Please add $15 to your order for international shipping outside the U.S.


(1)- 6 month Subscription to The Butter Box! ($180 value) + (1) “Naturally Sexy” T-Shirt + (1) “Flawless” T-Shirt and Gift Set, both autographed by Kimberly-Chloe & Deanesha!

Shipping & Handling included*.

*Please add $15 to your order for international shipping outside the U.S.

Perk: Butter Bar Bombshell!

Full 1-Year Subscription to The Butter Box ($360 value) + (1)- Limited Edition The Butter Bar Gift Set from the #BBEMPIRE Line Season 1 autographed by Kimberly-Chloe & Deanesha + You will pick your favorite fragrance and product to be added to our line of products for an entire year (or forever), with your name featured next to it + We’re going to make it rain Bath Bombz for you all year long (1 years’ worth of bath bombz)

Shipping & Handling included*.

*Please add $15 to your order for international shipping outside the U.S.

***More Perks will be added during the campaign for limited times and quantities!***

There's more good news: you can help! 

Buy supporting the Butter Bar and buying their products, and spreading the word to others to buy, you are not only helping to save your own lives by removing harmful, and potentially carcinogenic chemicals from your bath time routine, but you are saving the lives of less privileged children by providing them with drinking water!

A life for a life. Our Philosophy is simple: Good Enough to Eat!

While a work-in-progress (like any small businesses just starting up), The Butter Bar is committed to created safe products that are, still indulgent for our Beauties, supports Fair-Trade, community, and the greater world. 

Please support us (& ask your friends to support us) by posting our link on Facebook, tweeting about us, or whatever else ya got!), so we can bring “Good Enough to Eat” products directly to you!

Here’s to Everyone Indulging soon! 

And, thank you. 

The Butter Bar: www.MyButterBar.com

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