Terrapeg Sustainable Furniture and Shelter In A Day
Terrapeg Sustainable Furniture and Shelter In A Day

Terrapeg Sustainable Furniture and Shelter in a Day

  • According to the United Nations (UNCHR): There are over100 million newly homeless people per year worldwide, including refugees and victims of natural disasters.
  • Another billion live in housing that cannot withstand any natural weather occurrences.
  • Housing is Slow and difficult to build, taking months if not years.
  • Materials are expensive to ship and in short supply, especially when the need is greatest.
  • Many tools and skills are required to build traditionally.

At Terrapeg we have developed new technology to address the above, worldwide problems.  

It is now possible to build a Furnished Home, School or Clinic, in a single day!

Mission:      We think furnished housing should be affordable to buy, easy to ship, simple to erect and offer comfort and value as well as security. We believe that innovative design, technology and materials can provide sustainable new solutions that make sense. At Terrapeg, we want to meet those needs and more…in a simple, sustainable way.

Materials:    Fiberboard is a sheet material, made from the world’s most basic resource, recycled wood fibers. Since it’s made from wood and/orpaperwaste it is an inexpensive, sustainable and very GREEN material. It looks like a very thick sheet of waterproof brown paper and is structurally very strong.  It has been around for almost 50 years and there are over 100 mills producing it worldwide but it has limited market value because it’s difficult to connect together. It doesn’t glue, screw or nail well, especiallyat the edges, and the contemporary wisdom is that it can’t be used for structural applications.

 The Tool Free Joint    To solve fiberboards’ connecting problem, we reinvented an old style carpenter’s joint, the mortise and tenon with a locking peg, redesigning it so all three parts can be easily cut using a computer-controlled (CNC) router. This new Tool Free Joint is designed to be assembled without metal fasteners. The only tool needed is a simple hammer we cut from the same MDF material. This joint defeats the connecting problems of the fiberboard and magnifies all its strengths. It forms a connection that has proven to be both easy to assemble and surprisingly strong, allowing the use of this exceptional material for structural and even building applications for the first time.

Terrapeg Building System:   These three leaps forward, the GREEN fiberboard material, precise cutting with a CNC router and the Tool Free Joint, together create the Terrapeg Building System, a quantum leap forward in new technology. There are countless new products, in many different markets that can be designed using the Terrapeg Building System. Terrapeg manufacturing is fast and inexpensive in labor, materials and plant setup. Manufacturing can be local, fast, inexpensive and efficient. The materials are compatible with a sustainable, affordable future.

Affordable Furnished Housing for the World!



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