Telepathy - The Awakening (Short Film)
Telepathy - The Awakening (Short Film)

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A naïve young man is used as a test subject by a secret organisation.  


After being rejected from an uncommon job interview, Donovon enters a coffee shop to continue searching for employment. He orders an Americano and looks through the job section of the newspaper. A waitress with a tattoo on her neck serves him the coffee and he proceeds to drink it. A couple of minutes pass and he starts to feel his head pounding and voices penetrating his head. As it increases he runs to the safety of his house. He stumbles and falls as he enters, looking for pain relief pills. His body gives up and nothing is left but scream with his last breath. In the dark, someone enters the house, the flashlight illuminates Donovan’s face which is bleeding from the nose, ears, and eyes. She examines his face checking for a pulse and receives a phone call, as she answers we see a tattoo on their neck. The person on the other side of the line gives them the next name. The person takes out a notebook filled with crossed out names and writes the next given name.


Your money will go towards the unavoidable production costs such as travel, props, music, and feeding of our casts and crew!

£200 Catering - we need to feed our casts and crew (15 people for a 2 days shoot)

£100 Travel - we need to transport equipment as well as casts to the location 

£100 Location - we need to rent out cafes and they are usually not free! 

£50 Music - we don't want to get in trouble with copyright issues

£50 Make-up & Costumes - we have to pay for Hair & Make-up Artist.

Balance - Contingency & Miscellaneous 

The school will be giving us £300 to cover actor fees. If this campaign reaches its target it will bring the total budget to £800.

Fortunately, we have managed to avoid some major costs i.e the location as we will be filming in the house of our crew. 

What happens if we surpass our target?

We will be sending them to film festivals and they're not free to enter. There is usually a submission fee of between £15-35.

What happens if we don't meet our target?

We will still make our film but we will have to starve for the next couple of weeks!

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