Teascarf. Eco-friendly, luxury scarves.
Teascarf. Eco-friendly, luxury scarves.

Teascarves are available in 6 patterns and 4 sizes. For this first production run, I am offering them to you at low prices because you're preordering. I have purchased the fabric I use to make the scarves and have already prepared it for printing.

To make the images on the scarf I extract different types of beauty from regular teabags, let it dry on watercolor paper, and photograph it.

I use reactive dye to transfer the beauty to eco-friendly bamboo fabric that I make into scarves.

The beauty runs out on its own when the teabag gets wet. Most people drink it, but I make pictures with it.

After the teabags are removed, the beauty is still on the paper so I immediately photograph it before it fades.


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