TeamZoom - The inventor's social network
TeamZoom - The inventor's social network

TeamZoom is a social network that helps inventors, artists, developers and makers to find other people and create awesome teams.

A few time ago I was frustrated because every time I imagine and code a game, the lack of art/music skills ruins them. But then I asked to myself: "Hey, am I the only person frustrated because I can't complete projects, but only do specific tasks? I should start teaming up!". The sad thing about teams is that people need years of contacts, exchanges of businness cards and handshakes to create them. Wouldn't it be much easier to create a project, show it to thousands of people and then choose the best collaborators? Well, it's time to make it possible, with TeamZoom.

Are text blocks boring? Let's use an infographic!


Coming soon on IndieGoGo!

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