TeamZoom-The creators' social network
TeamZoom-The creators' social network

Have you ever developed a nice game which hasn't met expectations because its soundtrack/graphics are horrible?Well, I have.
In my years of experience as a game developer, I understood one very fundamental thing when it comes to being a creative mind and an individual entrepreneur: things can get hard without the right people to work with. :cry: 

I realized that the work I had chosen for myself was too difficult and strenuous for me to do by myself and got started on creating my own team of developers. And that is when I found out how hard it is to find the appropriate business partners.This was my aspiration for TeamZoom,"The Creators' Social Network", to help all creative minds and entrepreneual minded people to connect with business developers, investors and like minded entrepreneurs.

Creative artists and entrepreneurs with ideas for revolutionary games, people like so always get left behind because they can't develop contact with the right entity for support, investment or feedback.

TeamZoom is an all-encompassing module and the only social network of its kind. Entrepreneurs, developers and creative people can use TeamZoom to create new projects, to get feedback from like minded people and to crowd fund their projects/ ideas. TeamZoom connects artists and creators with professionals, it helps them to get in touch with investors and developers to bring their ideas to life and make their projects a success. 

TeamZoom is going to be up for crowd funding via Indiegogo on April 7, but with the progress that we're making, TeamZoom will be up in no time.
Here is what TeamZoom does in a nutshell:

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