Teaching Artist Development Fund
Teaching Artist Development Fund


Revolution of Hope proudly introduces The Paul B. Hunter Teaching Artist Development Fund.  This exciting new fund honors the legacy and love of Paul B. Hunter through a professional development series for music for social change teachers in the greater New England area. Through this fund music teaching artists in the greater New England area will be able to grow in their teaching artist craft through a free professional development series through Revolution of Hope. 

Revolution of Hope is a music for social change initiative in the Boston inner city neighborhood of Roxbury.   Revolution of Hope (ROH) transforms the lives of inner city youth giving them confidence, endurance, and resilience through a joy-filled, intensive, conservatory-level music program.

We believe that music for social change programs can exponentialize their impact through the ongoing education of their teaching artists.   

This program will allow area teachers to receive the highest level of professional development for FREE and bring their training back to the scores of music for social change programs that exist in the region.  The potential number of young people whose lives will be affected is in the thousands.


Paul B. Hunter (1918-2013)

With a voice as smooth as the jazz he loved Paul B. Hunter was a man so much larger than words could ever express. He engaged life with a vengeance. He strove to expand his world by pursuing his vast interests, and took great pleasure and pride in sharing his knowledge with others. He was a student, a teacher, a husband, a father, and wonderful grandfather.  He spent his entire life sharing with others the joy he saw in every day. 

Music, an early and life-long interest of Paul’s, found expression in the 1930’s in the Catskills as a clarinet and saxophone player in the Hal Kane band. Paul had a true passion for all genres of music & visual arts…from opera to musical theater and Jazz; from traditional to contemporary art. Paul and his beloved wife Phyllis have a gallery quality art collection in the beautiful home they created together.

His ongoing love of learning was exemplified by his service on the Kenmore, New York Board of Education for 15 years. Notwithstanding Paul’s career and post-career
accomplishments, his constant focus was to love and nurture his family and friends, and to share his passion for music. Paul Hunter was a man of many talents, passions and loves. He will be missed by many.                                             

The POWER of Teaching

What We Need & What You Get 

With your help we can provide New England music for social change teachers FREE world class professional development and reach our goal  to bring up to 4 master teaching artists to Boston every year.  We are hoping to raise $8000 in order to cover the following costs: 

  • Teaching fee for up to 4 Master Teachers
  • Transportation costs
  • Lodging
  • Marketing material to spread the word to area teachers
  • Meal stipends for clinicians

If our goal is not reached we will use the funds to support local master teachers whose transportation and lodging costs would be significantly lower.

For your contribution in the following giving areas you will receive mention in the program of each session under the following sponsorship levels.

Overture                   $25-$49

Interlude                   $50-$99

Intermezzo               $100-$249

Cantata                    $250-$499

Sonata                     $500-$999

Concerto                  $1,000-$1,999

Symphony                $2,000 +

We will provide updates including pictures on our facebook page after every event!


The Impact

There is a growing crisis in our education system where students from economically challenged neighborhoods have limited access to a world class education.  Educational disenfranchisement has correlations to incarceration rates, future employability, and civic engagement.  At the same time access to arts has shown to have significant positive effects on graduation rates, acquisition of 21st century work force skills, and future civic engagement.  Therefore a world class, joy filled, intensive, and engaging music program will make a profound impact in the arena of education at a level higher than most other interventions.   The social return on investment of this intervention will lead to savings in the social services and health arenas, impact future employability, and will lower juvenile incarcerations rates.   


In 2007 the Inter-American Development Bank conducted a cost-benefit analysis on the social impact of Venezuela’s music for social change orchestra program known as El Sistema. Participants in this study demonstrated fewer behavior problems in school, had a higher graduation rate, were more involved in their community, and were deemed more employable than those who had not been in the program.  The world's leading education provider, Finland, has also shown a strong correlation between teacher training and academic outcomes.   For these reasons the Paul B. Hunter Teaching Artist Development Fund will have a strong impact on teachers who will then go into the classroom and be more effective.   The impact on the community will be exponential, reaching thousands of at-risk youth in the Greater New England Area.

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