Teach Your Parents iPad
Teach Your Parents iPad

What is Teach Your Parents / Seniors iPad?

The birth of IPAD101 was born out of our own frustrations with our parents incessantly coming to us over and over again with the same questions. After a few scrolls through social media, it became apparent that the internet was frustrated with its parents too.

They're using us as tech support - and this is an epidemic. 

While it doesn't cost them anything to disturb you, it costs you hours of your time, and this ultimately ends in frustration for both parties.

We have your solution.

What's in the works

We've teamed up with an iPad professional to create a video buffet of more than seventy-five 'How To' clips so the parentals can get in, follow the step-by-step instructions, copy the swipe-by-swipe gestures, and under 5 minutes hit the ground running with their iPad. 

No wasted time. No frustration. We're a team of practical people, just like you.

The course covers a spectrum of proficiencies, beginning from Setting up a Brand New iPad then moving onto Advanced Features. The viewer has the freedom to jump in at any level of proficiency and take lessons on an as-needed basis.

The comprehensive course is valued at $99.

Who's our course instructor?

Mike is our iPad professional whom we've teamed up with. He had 9 years of experience as an Apple Store tech consultant and delivered workshops to audiences of all proficiency levels so he knows those Frequently Asked Questions. Most importantly, Mike can effectively communicate and tackle questions from audiences coming from a wide range of technological backgrounds.

What makes us unique

  • Unbeatable value - lifetime access to the full course for a one-time investment. 
  • Unique tutor - Mike translates complicated technological concepts into layman's with a dash of quirky seasoning. We strive to create a 'personal' touch so your parents feel like Mike's right next to them for follow-up questions.
  • Extreme Practicality - Viewers save time, learning new skills on the fly, applying them immediately, and retaining the knowledge going forward.

Who are we?

Besides being practical people, we're a team of entrepreneurs working to make the world an easier place to live in. 


We've been creating online courses since 2008 and have catered our programs not only for providing useful skills but for creating life-enriching experiences along the way.

We launched the IPAD101 course in late 2014.To date, we've had over 180 iPad owners who've tried and tested our iPad 101 course and as feedback, we've received unanimous acclaim.

IPAD 101 Course Feedback

"I am enjoying learning more about how to use my iPad. There have been several things I didn't know I could do with this and now I won't have to ask my adult kids how to do them! They would probably thank you as well !!!"

- "I am thrilled that someone thought of "us", the senior citizen. I haven't figured out everything on the iPad yet but I'm enjoying what I've learned. Thank you so much for the simplicity."

Why are we starting this project on Kickstarter?

We launched the iPad 101 course with no expectations and big hopes to help the technologically challenged. Then we got flooded with positive feedback like how much headache it's saved, how much time on the learning curve it's saved, and even how much better relationships seemed to be. 

The need to involve more people became apparent. Our parents aren't the most savvy at searching for courses online. Enter you.

Help us help your parents.

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