TashDraws Hard Enamel Makers & Creatives Arty Pin Set!
TashDraws Hard Enamel Makers & Creatives Arty Pin Set!

This project has already launched.

Hey guys! Thanks so much for stopping by to my first ever Kickstarter. To have a pin badge collection of my own designs is a dream of mine! I'm crazy about art, I live and breathe it and I know a lot of you out there do too. So, what better to start my little collection off with a homage to my favourite part of life, being creative. Whether you draw, paint or make, treat art as a hobby or a business. There's a pin here for everyone! All of your support is accepted with open arms, big cuddles and kisses! Please remember though that even if you cannot pledge you can still help this grow. Sharing this project with your friends, family and followers really does a lot too! :)

 Also keep in mind that your pledge wont be taken until the kickstarter ends and ONLY if its funded 100% or over! If its not funded you wont be charged! 
Much Love, 
Tash x

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