TAMAGEAR Emperor Soft Shell
TAMAGEAR Emperor Soft Shell

About this project


This is TAMAGEAR, Versatile Luxury! We are the company that brought you ‘The Perfect Mid Layer’. We’re a high quality, fashionable and technical product line designed with your activities in mind. We design, develop and create high quality outerwear for the technical, active, mountain lifestyle. It’s what we do! Colorado, USA.

TAMAGEAR is a relatively new Denver company in the outdoor market and we have big plans to become the next winter jacket line. However, given the sporadic weather and retailer’s inability or lack of initiative to bring on new brands, we are going direct to consumers and telling our story one customer at a time. We have decided to cut out the middleman by going direct to the consumer, providing extremely high value, technical utility and functionality for a very affordable price.

We realized a problem where the major brands are eliminating added features and benefits while increasing their price due to brand equity alone. For what you pay for a named-brand jacket you should be getting the most fashionable, most functional product out there, but you’re not. In most cases, these companies are increasing their margins by raising their prices and leaving out the most important features, like nice zippers, a multi-media pocket, additional pockets for keys, wallets, ipad, etc. They’re skimping and charging you more for it. We think there is a better way, and that’s why we’re here.

Get a technical Soft Shell Jacket valued at $499 for just $199. The factory already has the artwork, technical packs and materials. We just need your help to meet the factory minimums to make them. If you’re the type of person that likes high quality, fashionable and functional outerwear, with all the features and benefits needed to make your experiences more reliable, then TAMAGEAR has the PERFECT products for you.


It all started in a marketing class. I wanted to build something important, something I was passionate about, and instilled a high quality design and workmanship of the products we produced. With years of experience in the consumer products industry and a solid supply chain background, I set out to create a product line that was creative, high quality, and appealed to peoples comfort, style and active ambitions.

TAMAGEAR was originally Inspired by the seven endangered species, TAMARINS originate from the family Callitrichidae in the genus Saguinus. Tamarins are small squirrel-sized New World monkeys and vary considerably in appearance, ranging from nearly all black through mixtures of black, brown and white. Tamarins are inhabitants of tropical rain forests and open forest areas from southern Central America (Costa Rica), through middle South America (Amazon basin and North Bolivia). This is where the TAMA comes from, which can also be attributed to Technical, Active, Mountain, Apparel because this is what we do!

The plan was to build a full winter line of mid layers, down, soft shell and hard shell jackets. We’ve done that in seller samples and proven our concept. After initial feedback from friends, family and customers, the mid layers are the most popular, so we’re starting here.

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Tamarin Goal Achievement Levels

Retail Values:

- Hats retail for $25

- Logo T’s retail for $30

- Full-Zip Mid Layers retail for $149

- Soft Shell Jackets retail for $499


 Where we are:

How to choose sizes and options: 

When the Kickstarter campaign is completed, you will be emailed a survey, at which time you may select your size, color, and give us your shipping info.

Men’s Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Women’s Sizes: XSM, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Men's & Women's Soft Shell Available Colors
Men’s & Women’s Soft Shell Available Colors
2015 Soft Shell Stretch Goals
2015 Soft Shell Stretch Goals
Men's Soft Shell Stretch Goal Colors
Men’s Soft Shell Stretch Goal Colors
Women's Soft Shell Stretch Goal Colors
Women’s Soft Shell Stretch Goal Colors
Men's Mid Layer Available Colors
Men’s Mid Layer Available Colors
Women's Mid Layer Available Colors
Women’s Mid Layer Available Colors
Men's & Women's Mid Layers
Men’s & Women’s Mid Layers
Tamarins in the wild!
Emperor Tamarins
Emperor Tamarins

Emperor Tamarins are characterized by the presence of a long mustache. The name “emperor” is related to this mustache. When Emperor Tamarins were first discovered at the beginning of this century, their long mustaches were believed to resemble the mustache of a German Emperor from the 19th century. Emperor Tamarins may also display a beard. Bearded emperor Tamarins are known scientifically as Saguinus Imperator Subgrisescens. Emperor Tamarins without a beard are called Saguinus Imperator. This latter type of Emperor Tamarin is endangered mainly due to the destruction of its environment by deforestation.

Cotton Top Tamarins
Cotton Top Tamarins
Golden Lion Tamarins
Golden Lion Tamarins

The Golden Lion Tamarin is a squirrel-sized monkey found in southeastern coastal Brazil, in dense lowland rain forest. It is named for the mane of fur around its head and its bright coloration, which ranges from pale gold to a rich reddish-gold, with variable black markings, particularly on the tail. The Golden Lion Tamarins are the largest of the Marmoset and Tamarin group. More than 30 species of Marmosets and Tamarins are found in the Neotropics, from Panama through much of South America. Marmosets and Tamarins differ from other monkeys in their small size and in having claws instead of flat nails on most of their digits (only the big toe has a flat nail). These claws help the small monkeys cling to trunks and branches.

Black Lion Tamarins
Black Lion Tamarins

The Black Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus chrysopygus) also known as the Golden-Rumped Lion Tamarin is a Lion Tamarin found only in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, almost exclusively at the Morro do Diabo State Park. It lives in secondary and primary forests along its restricted range. These are small primates with a head and body length of about 30 cm, and a tail length of another 35 cm. They weigh between 600g, less than a bag of sugar. They are glossy black in color, except for their rump, upper thighs and tail base, which are usually golden or reddish. The feet have sharp claws that are useful for gripping and climbing branches and also for grabbing their insect meals.

Saddleback Tamarins
Saddleback Tamarins

Saddleback Tamarins are nearly three times the body mass of a Pygmy Marmoset and the mustached Tamarin is nearly four and a half times larger. This has reproductive ramifications. The Pygmy Marmoset’s small size and reliance on a food source that is more stable than fruit allows them to produce offspring at a faster rate than the two tamarins. They are able to give birth every six months while saddlebacks take eight months and moustached tamarins take anywhere from eleven to twenty months. The smaller size of the Marmosets also means that they can effectively occupy a smaller home range.

Red Handed Tamarins
Red Handed Tamarins

The Red-Handed Tamarins (also known as the Golden-Handed Tamarin and the Midas Tamarin) is a New World monkey named for the reddish hair on it’s hands and feet. The Red-Handed Tamarin is native to the moist woodland areas along the Amazon river in South America. The Red-Handed Tamarin is found inhabiting the forest alongside the Amazon throughout Brazil, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname, and Venezuela. Although once quite large, the natural territory of the red-handed tamarin has rapidly decreased today due to deforestation.

Pied Tamarins
Pied Tamarins

The Pied Tamarin is a small new world monkey found in tropical forests, particularly secondary and edge forests, in a small area around the city of Manaus in Brazil. In adults, the head is bald, with black skin, which along with the large ears, gives this Tamarin a striking look. The fur on the shoulders and the front of the body is white, contrasting with a brown back and hindquarters, shading to rust-red on the inner thighs and lower belly. The tail usually blackish to pale brown above, reddish to orange below.


Tamarin Goal Achievement Levels

Risks and challenges

With years of experience in supply chain, product and business development, this isn’t my first company. It’s rather my second and I’m fully committed to building this full line. We recently exhibited at the Outdoor Retailer and SIA trade shows with great success and awesome feedback. I’ve personally vetted our designers, manufacturer’s and logistics carriers. We fully understand the end to end process from design, development, production and logistics in order to get our Soft Shell Jackets to market by Fall 2015.

At TAMAGEAR we aim to create, design, and develop the highest quality products for people’s active lifestyle. A number of decisions have been made to limit the risks presented to TAMAGEAR, thus increasing the likelihood of dramatic growth. However, there are a number of situations that could occur and significantly hamper the estimations presented in this plan. The TAMAGEAR team has analyzed each of these situations and is presenting the following mitigation strategies.

Risk 1: Customer Credit / Payment – TAMAGEAR will establish solid relationships with each of its retail outlets. We have implemented incentives to pay on time, such as discounts on terms that will timely receivables and bad debt expenses.

Risk 2: Delays in production / delivery – TAMAGEAR’s relationships with producers/factories, as well as oversight of the production process and delivery schedules will aid to reduce any occurrence of supply chain interruptions.

Risk 3: Product Deficiencies – TAMAGEAR’s number one priority is meeting the needs of loyal customers and active sports enthusiasts by providing quality products that are consistent with technical design and development specifications. To monitor the quality of products, TAMAGEAR has enlisted design, and development with thoroughly vetted suppliers and factories that currently design and produce the very top of the line brands today.

Risk 4: Poor public image – Because TAMAGEAR is a grassroots small company created by a passionate entrepreneur who wants to solve style, function and lifestyle comfort problems, there is an inherent risk TAMAGEAR could become associated with a group or individual that could place that image in question. To mitigate this risk, TAMAGEAR carefully selects its partnerships and those who represent and embody the passion that originally sparked the TAMAGEAR vision.

Risk 5: Loss / theft of inventory – TAMAGEAR will originally house its inventory at its headquarters location in Denver although in the future we will start the process of outsourcing warehousing and order fulfillment to a fully-secured site within Colorado. The current warehouse is under redundant 24/7 surveillance/alarm, as well as, insurance in order to reduce the risk of loss.

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