Talespinner Coins
Talespinner Coins


Talespin Games, LLC presents an alternative to traditional polyhedral dice.  The goal of the upcoming project is to expand the design, themes, and availability of these revolutionary spinning coin dice. 

A major advantage these Talespinners posess is that they are more controllable than regular dice.  Just spin them on any hard surface and tap them with a pointer.

How They Work:

Take a look at the instructions by clicking here.

Or just take a look at this video:

 The Basic Project ($10,000):

To produce a full set of spinning coin dice for use in any situation which a polyhedral die (i.e. a normal die) could be used.  Since a major application for these will be playing tabletop role playing games, they will be Fantasy Fiction themed.  A basic set will include the following denominations:

  • 4-slot
  • 6-slot
  • 8-slot
  • 10-slot
  • 12-slot
  • 20-slot (Pictured)

Gravy Goals:

  • For each $10,000 beyond the initial $10,000, a new design theme will be unlocked to select from.
    • Possible Themes:
      • Atomic
      • Dragons
      • Educational
      • Sci-Fi
      • Science
      • Space
      • Steampunk


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