Tales From El Barrio and Da Bronx
Tales From El Barrio and Da Bronx



           The Youth            


Three Champions

Joe Frazier (L) (Heavy Weight Champ ) "Smokin Joe" 

Alex Ramos (c) (Middle Weight Champ)"The Bronx Bomber"

Gumersindo Vidot (R) (Champion for Youth) "G"


Gumersindo with his wife Martha and his Grand son

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Tales From El Barrio and Da Bronx

                    A Web Series in development by Emmitt H Thrower for the "Youth Survival Project"

We are creating a Web Series to support our developing program the "Youth Survival Project". The "Youth Survival Project" is inspired by the book and life experiences of Puerto Rico born author Gumersindo Vidot. His autobiography "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE" tells the story of his growing up in the ghettos of "El Barrio" and "Da South Bronx" in New York City during the turbulent 60-70's. He became a 9 year old alcoholic and active gang member. By the time he had reached 13 he was shooting drugs and was now a slave to heroine. Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol and then convicted and victimized because of Racism and Poverty. His world was that of hopelessness and despair.

Gumersindo was traumatized by the horrors of police brutality in the heart of the REAL "Fort Apache" in the South Bronx. Make no mistake, this was no hollywood movie and the bullets were real. His young eyes witnessed the horror of police officers shooting and murdering an unarmed handcuffed hispanic man behind the police station house in "Fort Apache". The next day the news reports told a very different story. His hardworking immigrant father was routinely forced to turn over to corrupt police oficers in the Bronx, money he made for his family selling iceees on the streets during the summer months. This did not sit well with young Gumersindo.

Gumersindo was conflicted about his passionate longing to become a Police Officer. To protect his community from the corrupt system he was a witness to and also victim of. Like many young people he tried to escape the realities of ghetto life using boxing as a way out of the hell he was in. To hopefully put the streets and drugs behind him. But ultimatelythe streets and its power prevailed. As they say "The Streets Don't Love You Back"!

Gumersindo had a strong belief in GOD. Through it all he faithfully held tight to his beliefs till the end. As faith would have it his future wife Martha enterered the picture and things finally turned around for him. She had a positive impact on him and they were married. They raised a family and moved to Philadelphia where he continued speaking to youth and being very involved in his commmunity. He even became close friends with many police officers in Philly. Gumersindo was trained in security and was a Special Investigator who worked with the police as well as providing services to his community through his business "The Philly Spy Shop". But unfortunately our past has a way of catching up with us.

The serious damage had already been done to his body from his years of abusing drugs and alcohol. Then at the young age of 61 he paid the ultimate price. A victim of a terminal Liver Disease caused by his youthful mistakes. His biggest wish was to complete his book prior to his death and try to help other young people avoid the mistakes he made. He finished the book and was working on the other wish.  Gumersindo was an avid youth mentor and advocate. Spending his time speaking to youth all over NY and Philadelphia warning them about the possibilities that they may face going in the directions they are going.

He co founded the "Youth Survival Project" with his friend and partner co-founder retired Police Officer, filmmaker and Actor, Emmitt Thrower from NYC. Thrower is also a strong youth advocate and Mentor and is the founder and CEO ot the Not For Profit Wabi Sabi Productions Inc. located in "Da Bronx" , NY. The company produces Theater, Community events and Videos around issues important to them. They also create Promos and Music Videos, Documentaries and youth development programs.

Gumersindo's committment was to our young people and family. That was what brought him and Emmitt Thrower together. They became friends and allies and soldiers in a mighty battle to save lives.

They both have the same passionate mission in life, the drive to Save OUR Future One Youth At A Time!

Since his death in 2013 his widow Martha in Philadelphia and Emmitt Thrower in NY have dedicated themselves to completing the job her late husband could not. His daughter Alaina also very passionate about this mission has also teamed up with us to help bring her father's dream to a reality. Though the project has been plagued by the lack of support they keep pressing on.

The three of them have continued fighting to give this project life and  developing the survival program and the many supporting projects. These supporting projects are critical to the success of their effort to save the youth. All of the projects they create will go towards generating some funding for the developing projects to help youth. These are the goals of the Youth Survival Project. This Web Series is the beginning of the process to help fund the survival program and spread the message. We need you support to make it happen.

Through this web series we will be re-telling some of the stories from his book YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE.  The web series is entitled "Tales from El Barrio and Da Bronx."  Our first 3  Webisodes are hoped to be funded with this public appeal.  Shooting is planned to be done in NY and Philadelphia using local artists and young people. It will be a very exciting adventure. Hopefully many of you will journey with us. We hope you will choose to be a part of saving the youth and our web series project.

You can also contact Emmitt at et@wabisabiproductions.com

Visit his website at www.wabisabiproductions.com

You can check out our website for the Youth Survival Project at www.youthsurvivalproject.webs.com

We will in addition to this public effort be looking to form partnerships with other non profits, individuals as well as businesses in our effort to provide the services to those in need. Maybe you would like to join our team. Contact us with your ideas and thoughts on our project, the design, our mission or anything else you want to contribute to help us create thisurgently needed project. Let's build our community together.  We welcome you!

We encouge you to support our youth by supporting our developing webseries project. Sign up and stay infomed via email. Work with us as we prepare to launch this worthy dream. We will let you know of any updates and our progress. Just leave your EMAIL above on the right side to be NOTIFIED. Thank You.

                                      Our future goes the way our young people go


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