TAHBOO rumors of events
TAHBOO rumors of events

This project has already launched.

We're creating a new app focused on developing human connections: TAHBOO!

Our app points out every event close to you, so you can see its specifics and people around events.
You can choose those who invite and, with inner chat, plan your night out.
We want our app friendly and free of charge: no restrictions, nor payable features are provided.
If you are an owner, you can boost your events and the level of participation and social interaction.
With TAHBOO you can do this and much more!



About our project and what we’ve done

How can we get, then, the opportunity to combine telematics to the real needs of people obtaining benefits for existing communities? The answer to this question is TAHBOO. The application is designed to make an important social contribution to the development of human relationships and opens the door to local communities giving them a platform to promote events in their area and encourage the level of participation and social interaction.

In particular, this application will enable businesses, of any type, to organize specific events in which users can, in real time, directly activate a network of invitations among friends, colleagues, family or potential partners to meet at that event. They can browse through different events, and between users around the event, receive or send invitations to one or more events, organized the participation of couples or groups, receive more information about the event and about the way to reach it, have a messaging for communications between users of the event and, in case of necessity, always have on hand the principals and closest security services to your location.

Try to imagine a festive city, and know in real time the events to which you can participate with anyone: with TAHBOO you can do this and much more!


Why a crowdfunding campaign?

TAHBOO is free for all its users, and to make it applicable to the territory will require an acquisition campaign events in different geographical areas. For every local clubs and events which will be recorded on our site it will start the respective visibility by users within their area. We are also working to launch the application on an international scale!
No fee will be charged to the users, but to develop our database it takes long time and especially a lot of effort, without excluding maintenance costs. We want TAHBOO to be a tool suitable for everyone and we are completing the development for all operating systems (Apple, Android, etc.) and for multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops).


How does it work?

1. Install the application and log in:

  • Choose your favorite social network please log in;
  • Log in to your account, enter your details, choose your nickname and the photo that represents you;
  • Remember that signing with your company profile, we will not publish in your dashboard without your consent;
  • If you have a business, registered in the section and enter your local information and/or events to share.

2. Discover the TAHBOO events, calls and meets:

  • Sign in on your home page and discover events around you and the people around the events;
  • Have fun with friends to participate in events that you like or invite new people to join together the events offered by you;
  • Whether others accept your invitation, then the chat will be enabled for you to know you and to organize together on the meeting details;
  • Build your group of friends suitable for any occasion.

3. TAHBOO events:

  • The events will be promoted in the specific section of the application and you will be informed about the structures that organize events near you;
  • Each event will allow you to live the festival to the music, to smell the smells and vibrant emotions with the people in the room where you are;
  • Scroll down the list, join the events TAHBOO in your city and you will always receive the most visibility and notoriety;
  • The TAHBOO team will provide the business an internal messaging events to enable participants, and to those who want to join, the opportunity to interact to build a new community-oriented local nightlife.


Our Team

As engineers and professionals, we are passionate about technology and events. We are a small, tight-knit team made up of members who are experienced professionals in various fields. Although we have different backgrounds in engineering, design, finance, and marketing, we all share one common goal: to innovate the social interaction in the events. 


Risks & Challenges

A major challenge in this project is the realization of a new interactive platform, but our passion and feedback from our loyal fans continue to guide our community to new levels of communication and social interaction.
This is your chance to participate in the first interactive community platform linked to events and messaging within them. We are very excited about what we're doing!
Our system is evolving every day and our biggest challenge is to ensure that our infrastructure continues to maintain the same pace. Our servers are constantly expanding and we are improving the efficiency of the technology in order to ensure their development. We continue to enrich our database to facilitate social interaction within the TAHBOO communities, with the hope to benefit directly from the events and the people around us!


Other Ways You Can Help

If you're not yet ready to give, no problem! There are many other ways to support the community.
The best way to help is to suggest joining the project to your friends, organizers, companies, businesses, managers and anyone can take advantage of it to the benefit of social interaction. Another way to help is to download TAHBOO (coming soon for iOS and Android devices) and suggest it to your friends or potential users. Tell your friends to share the app via your favorite social networks and use it for your favorite events. The greater the number of people who will use TAHBOO and the benefit of social interaction in the community events!
What are you doing tonight? Are you ready to know the rumors of events? Join our community and have fun discovering new TAHBOO!

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