Tact-Tiles: The Original Modular Play Surface
Tact-Tiles: The Original Modular Play Surface

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What are Tact-Tiles and why should you care?

Tact-Tiles are highly portable, rigid, thick plastic, dry and wet-erase, gaming tiles. No more erasing the mat and starting over when the PCs run off the edge! And no more fussing with a rolled up mat!

The new run of Tact-Tiles are 100% compatible with the original Tact-Tiles from BC Products.

If you are a gamer who uses miniatures, or just in need of a good portable dry-erase and wet erase solution, Tact-Tiles will provide you with the best solution for a play surface. But don’t take my word for it. You can see what other have said about the original run of Tact-Tiles:

Monte Cook"I’m constantly shifting the way I present environmental information to the players. Sometimes I verbally describe a scene, while other times I draw it on a battlemat (Tact-Tiles, actually), and sometimes I build it with Dwarven Forge. Sometimes we use miniatures for an encounter, sometimes not, as I deem it appropriate and necessary."

RA Salvatore - Mr. Salvatore had lots to say!

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How did we get here?

About a decade ago two friends and fellow gamers living in Huntsville, Alabama got together and decided there had to be a better way to draw maps on a table. They put their heads together, and invented Tact-Tiles, the first modular dry erase surface for use with miniatures games.

The two of them formed BC Products, and Tact-Tiles went on to be a big hit. Unfortunately, as it often does, market forces and supplier problems resulted in an end to manufacturing, and Tact-Tiles went out of production. In the decade since, sets of Tact-Tiles have sold on eBay in excess of $300! Clearly the demand still exists, and that's where Void Star Studios comes in.

Void Star Studios, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have acquired the rights, processes, vendors and original mold for Tact-Tiles! And the original creators of the Tact-Tiles are working with us as advisors.

During the last decade I, Mike McConnell, owner of Void Star Studios, have become close friends with the guys from BC Products. And it always bothered me that, due to issues with design and production processes, that Tact-Tiles remained out of print.

After some success with Strands of Fate and Nova Praxis, Void Star Studios finally had the experience and resources to bring Tact-Tiles back to life. So last year, I decided to see what we could do. I approached my friends and offered to buy the rights and original Tact-Tiles mold. And knowing me, and having witnessed VSS's previous successes, they agreed.

So what’s next?

We go into production! By altering the material and print processes, we are once again able to produce Tact-Tiles! And we're bringing them back to the market with your help, through Kickstarter.

To be perfectly frank, these aren't some cheap knock-offs. These are the real deal, tweaked to improve the manufacturing processes to insure we can bring them to you at an affordable price.

Here are some pics of prototype Tact-Tiles as we've gone through development:

The image above shows a Tact-Tile from the original run mated with a test sample shot to make sure the mold was still in good working order.

This is a pic of the first set to have a grid applied to them.

The first completed sample that we feel is representative of the manufacturing run.

So how much?

We're planning to sell sets of 12, 9 and 6, with a 3 tile booster set. While we can't give an exact price at the moment, I can tell you is that the standard tile set (9 tiles) will sell for less than $80. And we plan to package them in a re-usable box, and/or offer a carrying case. 

We aren't satisfied with this, and are looking for ways to reduce cost without sacrificing quality. But the reality is that this is a petroleum based product, and compared to the original prices, we're dealing with about a decade of inflation.

Stretch Goals?

Likely the quality of the case will be reliant on hitting stretch goals. We've also had requests for different color schemes, and a hex version. The color schemes aren't too hard to do, but a hex version requires a new tool, which can cost $10K-20K or more. So if we do a hex set, it'll have to be a really tough stretch goal.

We'd also like to do clear tiles, but that would require a different manufacturing process. We're going to be looking into that, but can't make any promisses at this time.

We're still looking for more suggestions, so please feel free to give us some!

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