Tablets to Create Comics
Tablets to Create Comics

This project has already launched.


We are Polizei Comics, a duo of Mexicans writer/artist who want to write LGBTA+ stories for anyone who feels joy reading them. We have many surprises on the way (one of them called Grey), but to be able to create them we need tablets that we, unfortunately, do not have at this moment.

Some doodles from Grey
Some doodles from Grey


We just graduated and are unemployed, but we try to live off of traditional commissions. We need to launch our first comic series, but to do it is essential to acquire two of these devices to be able to produce the pieces we’ll be sharing with you.

After a lot of research, we concluded that these graphic tablets would be perfect to start working:  2 Huion INSPIROY Q11K $120 USD // $3,072.85 MXN + $138.36 MXN shipping from Amazon MX

The tablet we need!
The tablet we need!


If you feel you can chip in any amount to aid us, we promise you you won’t regret it. We have many rewards that could give you a little push to be part of this project.

Will be sent via Correos de México
Will be sent via Correos de México

 A little bit more about the team.

Berenice González Méndez aka Bere Weillschmidt— Leading Artist of Polizei Comics. Has worked on various personal projects with Victoria Atkin (fromAssassin’s Creed: Syndicate) related to animation, concept art and storyboarding. 

Is part of various Zines circulating around Tumblr, including Cartoon Punk Zine, Animated Artists Zine and Fly With You Zine. Also, writes and draws the comic Love Afternoon Tea, that is a mlm comic exclusive for Patreon!

Greaduted from CEDIM as an Animator, prefers to be involved in pre-production stuff. Enjoys being part of fandoms related to British shows, and doing fan art for Black Sails.

Oscar Herrera — Leading writer of Polizei Comics. Graphic Designer, illustrator, writer, and visual artist. Has been working as a Graphic Designer for four years and is currently focused on creating projects with social impact.

You can see more of his work on his social media TumblrFacebookInstagram and YouTube.

Enjoys writing fanfiction, painting, and reading.


* you will be charged a small fee to have it tracked

you should send your request with a screenshot of your payment (click on the image)
you should send your request with a screenshot of your payment (click on the image)


we are not like the rest of the world, unfortunately
we are not like the rest of the world, unfortunately


Somos Polizei Cómics, un dúo de artistas/escritores mexicanos que quieren crear historias LGBTA+ para cualquiera que disfrute leerlas. Tenemos muchas sorpresas en camino (una de ellas llamada Grey), pero para poder crearlas necesitamos tabletas gráficas que, desafortunadamente, no tenemos. 

Nos acabamos de graduar y estamos desempleados, pero tratamos de vivir de comisiones tradicionales. Queremos publicar nuestro primer cómic, pero para hacerlo necesitamos adquirir un par de tabletas para producir lo que compartiremos con ustedes.

Después de una larga investigación concluimos que estas tabletas gráficas podrían ser perfectas para trabajar: 2 Huion INSPIROY Q11K $3,072.85 MXN + $138.36 MXN desde Amazon MX.

Si crees que puedes ayudarnos de cualquier forma, te prometemos que no te vas a arrepentir. Tenemos muchos rewards que pudieran empujarte a ser parte de este proyecto.

Un poquito más sobre el equipo.

Berenice González Méndez/Bere Weillschmidt — Artista de Polizei Cómics.Ha trabajado en varios proyectos personales con Victoria Atkin (voz de Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate) relacionados a la animación, Concept art y Storyboarding.

Es parte de varios Zines que circulan en Tumblr, incluyendo Cartoon Punk Zine, Animated Artists Zine y el de Fly With You Zine. También escribe y dibuja el cómic Love Afternoon Tea, que es un cómic gay exclusivo para Patreon!

Graduada del CEDIM como Animadora, pero prefiere envolverse en temas de pre-producción. Disfruta ser parte de los fandoms relacionados con shows Británicos, y haciendo fanart de Black Sails.

Oscar Herrera. Escritor de Polizei Cómics. Diseñador gráfico, ilustrador, escritor, y artista visual. Ha estado trabajando como diseñador gráfico por cuatro años y está enfocado actualmente en crear proyectos de impacto social.

Puedes ver más de su trabajo en sus redes sociales TumblrFacebookInstagram y YouTube.

Disfruta escribir fanfcition, pintar y leer.


envía tu solicitud junto con una foto de la pantalla de tu apoyo (da click en la imagen)
envía tu solicitud junto con una foto de la pantalla de tu apoyo (da click en la imagen)

 * para que pueda ser rastreado, pagarás una pequeña cuota  


* you will be charged a small fee to have it tracked

Risks and challenges


• USD price raises (as it’s been going up and down a LOT since November 2016) and so it becomes a more expensive tablet (since the prices are in USD and not MXN) 
• the tablets get damaged on their way here, or do not arrive at all (things get stolen) 
• delays on the delivery of the rewards (Correos de México’s fault tbh) 
We will ship with tracking number in case there's any inconvenience. 
• rewards may delay since our country's shipping service is really slow, it might take from 2 to 3 weeks. 
•there's a chance that maybe the project would be founded a higher percentage, in that case depending on the pledge we might consider sending extra postcards with original art.


• We want to submit our comic to the PRISM Awards next year, since the story has a lot potential for LGBTA+ readers. 
• We want to be part of Paper Cat Press’ Webcomic debuts. 
• Make it to Michael Kinyon’s list of creators. 
• Translate it to Spanish so we can reach a national readers.

Another big challenge is that we are new in this industry and this is our first comic so we need all the support we can get to make it happen. We will be really grateful if you can help us; either with a pledge, sharing our work or cheering for us. Whatever you chose will be much appreciated!

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