T-1000 Super Fast Self-Leveling 3D Printer
T-1000 Super Fast Self-Leveling 3D Printer

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Global 3D Systems Inc is excited to announce the launch of our ready-to-ship, innovative and cutting edge 3D printing system that addresses the wider needs of home printers. The T-1000 printer is designed for the home users, but with quality to produce 3D prints for dental and jewelry. Compared against Formlabs "Form 2", Our T-1000 has a larger build volume, double the speed, at a fraction of the cost! High Quality at the Best Value with Outstanding Reliability!


The T-1000, 3D printer was produced through a perfect blend of professional expertise of our talented engineers and tech veterans coupled with the most state of the art and cutting edge technology in the industry. G3D has revolutionized the printing industry; by introducing the fastest, highest quality, and most accurate 3D printing system designed for the home users, but with quality to produce prints for dental and jewelry. Lose those wired connections from the laptop or desktop to your 3D printer. Everything on the T-1000 is done thru Ethernet or WiFi.

The innovative product measures almost 12 inches of vertical build height and is built to global industrial standards with a XY axis adjustable build size from 100 µm to 175 µm and adjustable quality to speed up printing on Z axis from 120 µm to 7.5 µm quality for everyday home use including fine prints for dental or jewelry. The T-1000 has a completely custom designed UV LED light engine that will keep you printing non-stop. It is a user friendly printer which is easy to setup with our patented self-leveling system. The Self Leveling System is highly essential when making successful 3D prints, time and time again; in combination with our Bakelite build-plate surface for a supreme level build environment.

Global 3D Systems  focuses on offering to the market a 3D printer which offers a combination of speed, quality, reliability, and value as never been seen in the industry. With the power of the specific UV spectrum and resin pairing, the T-1000 will print extremely fast layers. G3D's greatest difference between laser and FDM is that our speed is not dependent on width or length of a printable object only height, 2.6+ inches an hour @ 120 µm layer thickness! (For instance, a cell phone case takes an average of 8-10 minutes max to print)

Join us in the 3D Revolution! 



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