T² Glove Light: Illuminate the world with your fingertips
T² Glove Light: Illuminate the world with your fingertips

This project has already launched.

It is not a secret that working in cramped spaces can present lighting challenges. Flashlights and headlamps can help provide some visibility, but between taking up your already limited space, creating shadows on the working surface, or requiring you to work one-handed…these are less than an ideal solutions.

This is why you need a Glove Light! At the push of a button you’ll get bright LED lighting that illuminates whatever you’re working on. It gives you the freedom to work with both hands without taking up any additional space. Plus, with multiple sources of light, you won’t cast odd shadows across your workspace.

Safety bonus! The Glove Light emits light in multiple directions, so you will be visible to everyone in the dark—not just to those who are directly in line, as with a flashlight or headlamp beam. When you are working in the dark, you are safer when others can clearly see you. 

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