This project has already launched.

There is a lack of networking being encouraged amongst students, and a lack of efficiency when it comes to the resources a student needs when it comes to being a successful student. There are websites that provide students with flash cards, study guides, and old quizzes, but none provide them with easy access to classmates and professors, the only other people that know what is going on in the class at the time.  The importance of networking is downplayed, especially when you get to college. There is a stigma that exists that says that a good student doesn't really have time for socializing, however being social is the new form of networking for our generation.  Certain skills and trades can be taught by a professor in a classroom, but not everything you need to know in order to grow in the business world can't be taught in a classroom. Some skills, like networking, need to be experienced. According to a research study performed by Martin & Dowson in 2009, "[...] high-quality interpersonal relationships in students' lives contribute to their academic motivation, engagement, and achievement."

Sympl. is an app that essentially allows students to take the classroom home with them, making the study process simple. Students have a responsibility to search through social media and do whatever it takes to find anyone that may be in their class, when help is needed while outside of the classroom. Sympl. provides students with access to a class roster for each of their classes, and this allows for easy communication. Students are also provided with a calendar that includes all due dates from their class syllabus listed on it. As the due dates approach, the student will receive notifications saying so. Last but not least students are able to set up study groups for each of their classes. As a study group is created, a notification will be sent out to the rest of the students in the class when a group is available. At the end of each group study session, students will rate each other based on contributions to the group. 

Sympl. is the first step students will take towards becoming more engaged with the classwork and their peers.

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