"Disremember" SyFy Short


My Name is Alexis Flores Director of "Make It Stop" I will be launching a Project On IndieGOGO Soon! This Project Will be A Science Fiction Horror about a man experiencing the aftermath of an alien abduction and experimentation. We will follow our character in his horrific journey. It will be shot in Black And White and have the feeling of the classic alien movies.

 This film will have all the stuff you love from Horror and Science Fiction! This short will also be submitted to film festivals.


I am asking your help to spread the word or spare some change. This will be a creative project and will give you a good jump or bring chills to your skin.

Look us up!

Go like Disremember
The website is up http://disremembershort.weebly.com/
The blog is up! http://disremember.weebly.com/
The twitter is tweeting! https://twitter.com/disremember2015
and the Prefundia is awaiting! http://prefundia.com/projects/view/syfy-short/4889/

What Will The Money Be Used For?


The money will be used to pay for the Main Actor and other small things such as Props and food for the crew. We will also use the money to submit to festivals! That Is not cheap as some festivals go from 35$ to 50$ and that is not refundable even if your video is not picked. This coming out of my pocket hurts a lot especially with shit jobs, and bills.

Here's Some Of My Work...

Make It Stop





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