Switcheels are high heel shoes that easily transform to flat or even midheel shoes. They are 3 shoes in 1.

Switcheels are high heel shoes that can easily transform to flat or midheel shoes. They are 3 shoes in 1. 

This is every women's dream!!  

Women can only wear high heels for so long! After dancing for a while your feet get sore, then what do you do. You have to sit down and take your shoes off. Well, our Switcheels solves this problem. You can easily switch from high heels to flats. Imagine that. Why hasn't this been done before.

Switcheels will be eventually be sold for $80.  



How we came up with Switcheels:

Linda and I were at a wedding and at the end of the evening we noticed all the women were walking barefoot carrying their shoes. We looked at each other and had the same thought. This is a problem that needs fixing. We went home and started drawing our invention. After 9 prototypes and many sleepless nights we are now offering our Switcheels to the world. We are ready for production. We are average working people with a dream. I am an Architect and during the recession lost my job. I started working on Switcheels. High heel shoes are like a little building. There is a floor, walls, and structure. We have put everything into this using "paycheck" money and now we need your help to get into production.

We need this to get launched so we can get married.

Switcheels solves a major problem for women:

Women can only wear high heels for so long!!


They are great for women who work in business, cocktail waitresses, hostesses, dancers, airline attendants, waitresses, real estate agents, office workers, secretaries, etc. all have to wear high heels on the job. ‘Switcheels’ will give women a choice. After wearing high heels for a while, she can transform her shoes into flats, and back again at any time. This will create better comfort wearing flat shoes.

For travelers only 1 pair of Switcheels needs to be packed, because they are 3 shoes in 1. 

People will use our ‘Switcheels’ in urban areas. Cities like Detroit,New York, Chicago, etc are places where people walk a lot in the downtown areas. It is hard to wear high heels in cars, limos, buses, etc.

Our styles we are currently offering:

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