Sweet Hawks A treat with A cause
Sweet Hawks A treat with A cause

This project has already launched.



                                         Who We Are !!   

Sweet Hawks started in October of 2017. Sweet hawks is a home based treat shop. It was started after the loss of my son . The hawk represents my son. After this time I found I really enjoyed baking more. I started selling at flea markets , different shops as well as to family and friends. We noticed it was becoming quite successful. We hope to continue to to bring happiness and smiles through treats. We want it so one day our cupcakes will go to mothers who have lost children Infant and pregnancy loss awareness is a big part of my business. I want for my small place to raise money for it do walks and everything. Everyone else may see it as just someone doing cupcakes I call it cupcakes for a cause because its a big part of how I found I love to bake and what sweet hawks colors and everything represents.


                                          What we specialize in!!   

Sweet Hawks makes a variety of desserts. You can order things like character cakes , Gourmet cupcakes , Flavored cheesecakes, Red velvet and cookies 'N' cream cinnamon rolls , Candy apples with toppings ,dipped strawberries, pies  and much more. We also make Diabetic , gluten free and vegan cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.  We also hope to add more special treats to our already thriving menu. What we want to accomplish!! Sweet Hawks hope by raising money we will be able to eventually sell to bigger locations. We hope to get better equipment to make these great treats. We hope to eventually be able to get a store front. By august of 2018 we hope to be well known in the N.C area We hope and we will accomplish all goals that we have set for us. 

Risks and challenges 

The risk and challenges with starting Sweet Hawks would be first gaining the clientele with no one really knowing who you are without being a big name. I believe you have to make spend money to make money. A big Risk is investing your own money as well and just stepping out on a dream hoping your full-fill it. Another challenge is funding because starting your own business can be quite expensive

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