SwapBuy"s App

We're wanting to build an App for SwapBuy which is only available in website format at the moment, an App would give people better access to SwapBuy and we'd have a wider reach, which would enable more people to recycle their belongings by swapping. SwapBuy is an online marketplace for people which enables them to swap their belongings to likeminded people and in return recieve something new that they can love and cherish, in this day and age of helping the enviroment and recycling, alot of people's possessions either get thrown out or sit in the attic/loft/cupboards and never get used most of these items are perfectly fine and could be used and loved by someone else, this is were SwapBuy comes in, SwapBuy helps with this process by giving the user a fun, safe & affordable option to recycle their belongings they no longer want, people are already swapping items all over the UK on SwapBuy's website, but we want to reach more people and by building an App we believe we can widen our reach, we've already had a lot of our users saying they'd prefer an App and we'd also be able to add a great new feature were people can directly donate to their local charities.

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