Sustainable, Fair Trade, Vegan Skincare. Bellezza Naturale
Sustainable, Fair Trade, Vegan Skincare. Bellezza Naturale

This project has already launched.

Bellezza Naturale, Italian for Natural Beauty, is a luxury, vegan skincare line. Each product we carry is handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality. Ingredients used are extensively researched, and handpicked to go into our products. All of our products are vegan, palm free, and are formulated with responsibly sourced ingredients.

Our products are never animal-tested and are produced under the strictest standards of quality, safety & fair trade practices.

Short version; we need help being able to purchase the supplies to meet demand, purchase adequate packaging, and ensure we are operating legally under the FDA.

We use extremely high quality ingredients. So that we can keep the prices affordable for our existing and new customers, we need to be able to start purchasing supplies in bulk, as well as adequate equipment. This will cost us quite a bit to do.

Funding Breakdown

Ingredients/Equipment - 6k-9k -- This includes bulk ingredients enabling us to keep up with demand, equipment to make our skincare products, and purchasing packaging.

The remaining money will be used tp pay our attorney, so that they can guide us through this process with the FDA, ensuring we provide you with a quality product.

Long Version--

Each company we source our ingredients through practices sustainable collection of materials. For instance, one of the major companies we partner with for our essential oils is a small family owned business located in Pahoa, HI. They own a 2,800 acre farm. In the production of their essential oils, they source ingredients left over from companies that felled the trees, such as flooring companies. They take these scraps, and then produce the essential oils used in our products. If, by chance, they are unable to acquire scraps to produce the essential oils, and a tree has to be felled, they plant 200 trees for each tree needing to be cut down. Our ingredients are so rigorously monitored, we can track down most of them to the specific tree they came from.

Our Capuacu Butter is (responsibly!) sourced from the Amazon Rain Forest by a small indigenous village located just north of the Amazon Rain Forest. Our Sal Butter is sourced from a small family operation in East Myanmar. Our Limone Primo Fiore Femminello Essential Oil is source from a small, family farm in Anacapri, Italy., located on the Isle of Capri. Our Blood Orange Essential Oil comes from a family owned business in Sardinia, Italy. Our Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is from a family business in Limassol, Cyprus. I think you get the idea.

To ensure the authenticity of our Monoi de Tahiti, I, the one man machine behind the products at Bellezza Naturale opened up Google Earth, typed in Tahiti, put it in street view and explored the streets of Tahiti looking for locally owned businesses. Once I found them, I googled the business, and found out who the owner is. I then contacted the owners of the businesses on Facebook, asking them for their partnership of the production of genuine Monoi de Tahiti.

Our Monoi oil is made by two Tahitian families with centuries old family recipes passed down through the generations. Made with Tiare flowers picked from their own backyard, or wild harvested from the island itself, as well as coconut oil made from wild harvested coconuts, our product follows the strict guidelines of the French Polynesian government, meaning it is legally Monoi de Tahiti.

I have worked long and hard to make sure I am sourcing our ingredients from honest, good people. I want to support all of the underdogs in the world, because that's what I am. These families are excited to partner with us in the making of natural, luxurious products while we leave as minimal footprint on our planet as possible.

All of our products, and the ingredients used to make them, are not tested on animals. Human tested and approved only! They are of the highest quality, and I'd be willing to bet you can't find much better than what we use, if you can at all.

Funds will be used for bulk ingredients and equipment. Due to the superior quality of our ingredients, even with the ability to obtain a wholesale account with my suppliers, ingredients are costly. Most, if not all, companies that offer wholesale accounts require a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), usually with a limit of each purchase being $500 or more. While it seems like a lot of money, being able to order the ingredients I need, in bulk quantities, saves money in the long run, and ensures I will be able to meet demand. The approximated cost of supplies is between 6k and 8k. Equipment is costly as well, though I think I can get by with just a few necessary pieces of equipment such as slab molds, a slab cutter, etc. Equipment is estimated to run us about $500 - 1k.

Any other funding will be spent on packaging, labeling, shipping, production and manufacturing, and attorney fees to help us secure FDA approval, etc. It will also be used for advertising and marketing costs.

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