SURVIVING TRUMP "Diverse People Making America Great"

This project has already launched.


Every Positive Action Calls to a Positive Reaction: We are a documentary series with a digital statement. A people’s will.

With "SURVIVING TRUMP, Diverse People Making America Great Everyday", we want to tell 15 diverse stories about people born in 5 continents but raised in America. Through them, we’ll discover love, hard work, and American pride. Our main objective is to change the speech of immigrant voices, feeding back to the framed "Presidential Xenophobia" with positive and hopeful stories about these diverse people, who make America great everyday.  

As a Documentary, we want to be a social issue sustained in the viral sharing and the media coverage, to become a global digital statement and get into the Oval Office's agenda to show President Trump and his team their mistake when labeling every Hispanic as Mexican, every African American as drug dealer or every Muslim as terrorist. After that, POTUS may change his speech to with some unaggressive Twitters and an open mind for immigration politics. 

Our Statement: #TrumpNoMoreHate


Our Main Goal: Tell as many stories as possible, to show President Donald Trump and his “rage followers” across America, that not every foreign people are dangerous. 



Funds from this Kickstarter’s supporters, followers, backers, boosters, and producers will make the following: 


 1. We will look for the 15 diverse people across America to tell their stories. (1)

2. We will create a website as a resource for communication and stories sharing. 

  3. We’ll research, travel, visit and shoot every story in its own environment, be showing how these people make America great everyday. (2)

4. We will edit versions of the series (and a variety of trailers) to enlarge our reach to worldwide. 

  5. We will launch a digital marketing strategy for this series, to maximize each chapter’s reach into the Americans and political leaders. We want to get into the Oval Office!.

6. Every single chapter will be available to watch and share from our Youtube channel. Trailers and teaser will be available on our website and social media as well.

7. Through our storytelling, we want to play an active role in the fight against unfair anti-immigrants acts, creating a climate for change in this administration’s speech on immigration and diversity.

  • (1) we already have some stories, but with our backer’s support, will reach more places and people across America
  • (2) As a diversity tool, sometimes we will use an English/any language translator and use English subtitles if necessary
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