Survive a Tiger Attack : A thrilling card game
Survive a Tiger Attack : A thrilling card game

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A highly strategic thrilling card game designed for up to 6 people to play and enjoy.

Survive a tiger attack is a thrilling card game with a surprising amount of gameplay, strategy and fun. In a real tiger attack situation, if you look weaker and smaller – chances that a tiger attacks increase. Similarly in this card game, if you fail to use proper strategies or play improper cards, then chances of survival are less.

The Basics:  

  • PLAYERS: 2-6 ( Regular Deck)
  • EXTENSION DECK: Upto 9-10 Players
  • PLAY TIME: 20-30 minutes  

Gamer Skills:  

  • Decision Making  
  • Strategy & Tactics  
  • Resource Management  
  • Survival Skills

Instead of stretch goals, we've chosen to offer a deluxe version of the complete game from day one. This version will be exclusive to you, our Kickstarter backers.  

It will contain 56 high-quality poker sized cards:

  • 5 Tiger attack cards  
  • 6 Tree climbing cards  
  • 6 Escape run cards  
  • 6 Hunter defence cards  
  • 4 Survival help cards  
  • 4 Food exchange cards  
  • 4 Search for tiger cards  
  • 4 Trap in action cards  
  • 4 Monkey mischief cards  
  • 4 Forest office help cards  
  • 3 Wild buffalo cards  
  • 3 Wild goat cards  
  • 3 Survival knife cards
  • 1 Rule book

EXTENSION PLUS : ADVANCED BONUS DECK: It will contain 34 high-quality poker sized cards and can be played & clubbed along with the regular deck and accommodate up to 9 people.


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