You can be a Rock Star judge for a Worldwide Talent Contest!

We are planning to launch our Social Media Platform for, a worldwide online talent contest.  Once it is launched, we will be getting thousands of videos and we’ll NEED quite a few JUDGES to pick the best performers, and help us with new ideas and beta testing.  That’s where you come in. 


You could become a SuperXtar judge for a year!

Now, let me tell you about our judges: They will be part of our ELITE CLASS  Our judges will be treated like VIPs.  Their voices will shape the experience of SuperXtar.

Our judges will have FREE admittance to all of our Events and Grand Finales. They will be invited to our After Parties and meet the SuperXtar Winners.  We’ll spoil them!

As a rule, our judges will be volunteers picked from our viewers with the best judging skills.


However because of our crowdfunding campaign, we’re offering you this one time opportunity to be a SuperXtar judge for a year. 


All that you need to do is help us fire up our crowdfunding campaign that we will launch on July 15th on Indiegogo.

Back up our Indiegogo campaign with your contribution to get the Judge’s reward for just $50 (one third of the regular value of $150, once our Indiegogo campaign launches)  There is no money necessary until the first day of our campaign.

Remember you’ll be treated like a VIP, have free admittance to all SuperXtar events, besides getting involved in the a worldwide competition that will rock the show business world and could open the doors for your artistic skills.

Once you sign up to be a judge, you will receive further direction from us later.  We’d like to emphasize that there is no money involved until the first day of our campaign on indiegogo, then you’d go to Indiegogo to honor your commitment.  

Click the following link to become a judge



We want to make the BIGGEST TALENT CONTEST in the WORLD!

Do you realize that there isn't any relevant worldwide singing talent contest yet? All TV talent contest are basically nation based and what is worse; they are BORING!                                                                                                                                                                     So a group of friends and I started An online worldwide talent contest. Our plan is to turn our contest into a social media platform that will reach every corner of the world and deliver a highly engaging viewer experience.


It has been a few months now since we started SuperXtar and the results have been VERY POSITIVE.  We have contestants from all over the world sending us their performance videos...pretty awesome, right?  

SuperXtar Won’t be just a Singing Contest but a Performer Talent Contest!… Let me explain

Talent shows can be boring because the contestants may only sing and if they don’t have an extraordinary voice you fall asleep, right?

In SuperXtar the singer will have to SING and ENTERTAIN you with dynamic performances and not just singing. This may require quite a bit of practice and preparation from the contestants.

How much do you think athletes that compete in the Olympics practice? Months, maybe years?  A contestant for a World Entertainment Contest Title shouldn’t be any different.


Entertainment is great, but how can SuperXtar make this world a better place?

W’d like to help with World Unity in three ways:

  1. Music helps to unify people. You may agree with this statement if you’ve watched and felt the spirit of unity in the memorable Coke TV ad feature in our video. SuperXtar Platform will have plenty of music and subtle messages to “Teach this World to Sing in Perfect Harmony” As the Coke TV commercial goes.

  2. SuperXtar will avoid -like a plague- mentioning any contestant’s nation of origin. This leads us to our third and final step:


There is one decision that our group did early on: SuperXtar will NEVER, EVER, I mean EVER, EVER, EVER promote nationalities or countries, because that will add to the world division instead of unifying it.

Have you noticed that in any kind of world contest, people cheer for the contestants or team from their own nation and frown at those from others? What is worse, sometimes countries POLITICAL AFFAIRS get in the way and some nations get completely banned from a competition! (just look the Olympics).

No, we didn’t want to add to the world division. So let’s FORGET about FLAGS and NATIONALITIES and let’s focus on the contestant’s talent only. Fair enough?

Now, Let me explain to you WHY we need a SOCIAL MEDIA platform  

We want to take SuperXtar to a NEW LEVEL and build it into a social network platform that will propel it EXPONENTIALLY worldwide.

This platform will allow YOU to watch, share and rate videos and BE RATED according to your judging skill. And If you are good at it, we’ll select you to be part of our future community of judges AROUND THE WORLD!

So, are you ready for a new sound?

We feel that SuperXtar can LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD and open new frontiers and opportunities to the musical talent in other parts of the world, especially in continents like Africa, Asia & Latin America.

Maybe soon, you’d see a SuperXtar Champion arising from one of those continents. Besides, we want to open the whole world to new sounds... it’s time for a change!


We’re planning to bring our FINAL CONTESTANTS to the US and have our first and live GRAND FINALE in Tampa Bay, Florida in 2015. It will be party time!

We will put on a parade and a huge show and invite some of the biggest names in the entertainment world to perform. We want our Grand Finale to be something memorable for you: Like a Hollywood extravaganza with acrobats hanging from the ceiling, choreographed dancers (with their clothes on) and music rocking the whole stadium!

We'll finish the show with an After Party where you can mingle with the stars...more champagne, por favor!


We’ll launch our campaign on Indiegogo on July 15, to seek $100K  to build our platform. We’ll have awesome perks for you, like for $75 you can get a ticket for our Grand Finale (Worth $300), or for $150 you can be a SuperXtar JUDGE for one year! (No, we are not selling the judges’ seat...only renting it for our first year).

We NEED your support, please enter your email in Prefundia to be notified when we launch our campaign. THANK YOU!!

George Ruiz

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