Dogs have been saving and helping humans for tens of thousands of years, but their heroic achievements and remarkable abilities are little known to the public. 

SUPERPOWER DOGS is an epic 3D live action movie for IMAX® and giant screen theaters about amazing dogs who fight crime, save lives and make our world a better place. Produced in association with the California Science Center, SUPERPOWER DOGS seeks to transform how people think about and support working dogs around the world. 

If you love dogs and want to show how much you appreciate them please support our project to bring the stories of some of the most extraordinary working dogs to the world.

Superpower Dogs is the remarkable true story of a Dutch Shepherd puppy called Halo and her remarkable journey to join one of the most elite search and rescue teams in the United States, and save human lives.

Halo and her devoted teammate, Fire Captain ‘Cat’ Labrada, embark on a two year adventure to become an Urban Search and Rescue K9 Response team with Florida Task Force 1, a Rapid Reaction Force set up to respond to catastrophic events such as hurricanes, earthquakes and terrorist attacks. 

As Halo discovers her superpowers we meet some of the world’s most amazing working canines including avalanche rescue dogs in the Canadian Rockies, Bloodhounds in Africa who are helping to protect elephants and rhinos from animal poachers, water rescue dogs on the Italian Riviera, and a Golden Retriever from California called Ricochet who heals children by surfing with them.

We want to make the greatest movie ever about dogs to showcase the heroic accomplishments of search and rescue, therapy and medical detection dogs and the science behind their extraordinary abilities in a way that people have never experienced and understood. 

The mission of Superpower Dogs is to raise awareness for the working dog community, to support the next generation of canine heroes and to help make sure that there is a working dog available for everyone in need. With your help, this movie has the power to do that! 

In order to support the next generation of canine heroes, and to help make sure there is a working dog available for everyone in need we will commit 20% of the profits of this campaign, and 20% of the profits of the film Superpower Dogsto working dog organizations such as The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya,The Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog AssociationThe National Disaster Search Dog Foundation in California, The Penn Vet Working Dog Center and Arizona Search Dogs.

We’ve created a wide range of amazing rewards for both you and for your dog. Every dollar you spend will go to the production of SUPERPOWER DOGS and to support working dogs. You can see the full list of rewards on our Indiegogo page


We are a team of dog lovers and award-winning filmmakers. Our latest giant screen hit, Jerusalem 3D, distributed by National Geographic, was awarded Best Film and Best Cinematography at the 2104 Giant Screen Achievement Awards and has grossed almost US $15 million to date at the box office.

Cosmic Picture’s goal is to make the most compelling cinematic experiences possible and to change people’s perception of the universe in ways they never imagined.

Daniel Ferguson - Director / Writer

Taran Davies - Producer

George Duffield - Producer

Dominic Cunningham-Reid - Producer

Please support our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and be part of Superpower Dogs: an epic 3D live-action movie for IMAX® and giant screen theatres. We need your help to make the greatest movie ever made about dogs.


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