Superhero Candidates (in pretty little boxes)
Superhero Candidates (in pretty little boxes)

When we were kids, we wanted superpowers.  Superheroes taught us that with great power came great responsibility, and we were inspired to learn the virtues of compassion, courage, judgment, perseverance and honor.

Now we've grown up.  But we still demand that our leaders embody those virtues. 

We expect our political leaders to be our superheroes.

We are creating art that connects our most prominent leaders with the virtues we see in them, and they see in themselves, and we are asking them:  If you could hold onto just one virtue, which would it be?  What of our nation will you work to keep safe, and why?  If you move us forward, where will you take us?

What superhero would you be?

Our medium is cardboard, and we are using high-quality printing to imbue the caricatures of our presidential candidates, in resplendent superhero regalia, on small boxes that everyman and everywoman can use to keep treasures safe - because why should cereal boxes have all the fun?  

Form, function and levity.  Characteristics of any great movement.

Get an early invite above and be a part of our story!  

We're prepping for a launch near you soon.

Signing off,

- S

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Photo attribution, with thanks, to Superhero, by José María Pérez Nuñez, (CC BY-NC).

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