Superfood Protein: The World's Healthiest Protein Powder
Superfood Protein: The World's Healthiest Protein Powder

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A 100% Vegan and Plant-Based Protein Powder, made from a natural blend of Chia, Rice, Quinoa, Pea and Hemp. Become a Plant Warrior.

Help Us Make Our First Order: We've put together a wide range of rewards for you, for helping us raise the funds we need. So if you'd like to help us, please check them out.

Our Story: We turned to Whey Protein because its the most popular, but it gave both of us digestive problems. That's when we decided to do a little research.

Less Allergens and Pollutants: Proteins derived from plants are some of the cleanest you can find. They contain less allergens and pollutants than animal based proteins, such as whey and casein.

The Good without The Bad: When we discovered this, we knew we had to create a plant based protein. That way, we could avoid unhealthy protein powders but still receive the benefits extra protein when we need it.

All 9 Amino Acids: Our body requires 20 different amino acids. It can create 11 of them, but it needs the other 9 completely from our diets.Thankfully Chia, Hemp, Rice, Quinoa and Pea all contain the 9 we need.

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Enjoy our great rewards & become a Plant Warrior today!

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