Super Mutant Alien Assault
Super Mutant Alien Assault


Back to back - Local co-op the single player campaign

Super Mutant Alien Assaut is a single screen platformer set aboard a spaceship under attack by aliens. Radiation on the ship mutates the alien invaders into deadlier monstrosities.

Randomly dispensed weapons, limited ammo, friendly fire explosives, mutating enemies... all combine to keep you on your toes during combat.

Enemy spawning is also randomized... meaning each level plays differently every time. Skill, and tactics, will be your only hope beating a level.


  • High impact, skill-based combat.

  • 60+ short, but challenging levels, for quick intense game play sessions.

  • 30+ weapons, including primary, sidearm and explosives.

  • Customizable combat loadout. Mix & match your choice of sidearm, defensive abilities, special abilities and perks to suit your preferred style of combat.

  • Play singleplayer or with a friend in 2 player Co-op.

  • Featuring music by some of the top dubstep artists in the world like Eptic, Point.Blank & Arion.

Platforms: PC / PS4 / PS3 / PSVita / Ouya

Sniper Shot Gore - Two birds, one bullet

Primary weapons - Randomly dispensed from weapon machines, they have limited ammo, and very different functions. The arsenal is made up of ranged, melee and everything in between. The trick is knowing how to use them effectively.

Sidearms - Equipped as part of your loadout, these backup weapons have unlimited ammo but do less damage.

Explosives - Similar to primary weapons, they are picked up randomly from the explosives machine. They range from cookable grenades to mines.  

Special Abilities - Also part of your loadout, these abilities are limited by the special ammo you pick up during the level. The function of these abilities will vary considerably. Some will be use for offense, some for defense, and some more utility in nature.  

Defense Abilities - Another choice made during your loadout selection, these abilities are all defensive in nature, however some will have movement and alternate reasons for using them. Unlimited in use, just on a small cooldown, your defense ability will become your best friend.

Perks - The last option in your loadout, perks are passive abilities that are always active, giving you a unique advantage in the level a head.  

Mutating Enemies - Enemies come in two forms, the normal alien version and its mutated version. Mutation happens through various level mechanics. With mutants being more dangerous, and harder to kill, you will want to prevent mutation where possible.

Randomized Levels - SMAA will have a minimum of 60 levels. There will be a handful of different level objectives to keep things fresh and interesting. Varying level design, level mechanics, plus different enemies and weapons sets will further keep things fresh. Add on top randomized weapon distribution and enemy spawning and no two playthroughs of a level will be the same.

Music, such an important aspect of a game. I’m super excited to announce some first class artists lined up to contribute tracks to the games soundtrack. Eptic ,Point.Blank and Arion... some of the finest dubstep composers in the world, in my opinion.

I’m also pleased to announce that The Algorithm  will be composing two exclusive tracks for the game.

Needless to say the soundtrack is shaping up to be something very special, and I couldn't be more excited.

The game is still pre-alpha. Most of the development time has been spent building the systems and framework the game will use. To put the game framework to use, and test it, I have developed a some of the content for the game, but its a small amount compared to what I have planned.

So there is a lot of content left to create. More weapons, enemies, levels, level objectives, level mechanics, ect... There are also other missing parts that need development, saving, unlocking and general game settings, ect...

As best as I can estimate I believe the game is 1/3 done. This first third has take roughly 5 months. Using that as a guide I believe the game has roughly 10 months of development left. However, having never released a full commercial game before, it is hard to estimate exactly how long things will take. And as usual things take longer than expected.


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