Sunnyville Stories #17
Sunnyville Stories #17

This project has already launched.

Welcome, readers, Sunnyville fans and visitors from elsewhere!  It's your old friend, Max West, and I need your assistance once more.

What I've got for your today is a gripping comics tale part of the noteworthy saga titled Sunnyville Stories.  This issue is Sunnyville Stories #17 and we aim to raise a modest goal of US$300 to fund a micro run of about 50 copies of this comic.

Sunnyville Stories is the incisive saga of two teenagers, Rusty Duncan and Samantha Macgregor, in a remote village. They have all kinds of adventures in Sunnyville and in its vast surrounding wilderness. 

In Sunnyville Stories #17 - "Some Guys Have All The Luck" - our heroes (Rusty Duncan, Samantha Macgregor and Sam's little brother Jason) trek to the audacious metropolis of Oak City.  This snappy city has many luxuries Sunnyville does not have...including an incomparable shopping mall!

Unfortunately, our heroes are stuck in Oak City's mall with no way to get home.  Their only home is the mysterious red fox named Hieronymous.  But can he really help them?


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