Summer Issue by BLANC PAGE Magazine
Summer Issue by BLANC PAGE Magazine

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Blanc Page is a London based online magazine about fashion and lifestyle with a fresh and vibrant design.

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Our summer issue

With the warmer weather just around the corner and the amazing colours we are seeing on a daily basis – we cannot help but feel inspired about our new summer issue. Intriguing events, new designers to add to your collection, beautiful people around the globe, recipes, summer drinks and where to for delicious summer.. well, everything! At the moment we are busy cooking up the ingredients for the next issue and we are very excited about the designer brands, recipes, restaurants, survival guides for festivals and many others.

Our aim is awaken people's desire to discover the beauty of our would and to enjoy the little things in their environment. by giving them original stories in the area of fashion, travel and living.

Previous issues 

We have worked with global leading brands like River Island, SPELL Designs, Morgan Lane, Jill Stuart, H&M and many more. In our magazine we feature celebrities but also work close with UK bloggers. 

Blanc Page always knows the coolest new brands, latest fashion trends, fancy locations where you can enjoy some time with your family and friends (plus make sure a #nofilter will be set on your Insta photo). 

Other sections that we cover amongst fashion and travel are:

Men related topics








Interviews with bloggers and celebrities 



Our USPs? Compared to other online magazines which just have a structured buy layout our pages have a, unique fresh and vibrant design that is full of creativity. 
We love print! The feel of the page while holding it in your hands, the smell of the ink on it and the sound it makes while browsing through makes it legendary. But we are currently experiencing a great willingness to share entertaining and informational content. And in this case, what's better than having the right content which will be timelessly present and ensures  reactions? 

Our readers and audience

Some people may call us womaniser but don’t we all know who really began with all the fashion and creativity? Yes, you’ve guessed it – 70% of our readers and partners are women who enjoy the fresh design and our content about fashion, lifestyle, travel and people, and do not hesitate to share it with their friends across social media.

We wanted to get our readers even more excited about summer and because we will be working closely with our brands, our readers can benefit from the giveaways that they are offering. Yes, free shopping for our readers! This is something that we are hoping to do each month with the help of all of you beautiful people out there.

What's beautiful is that we cover a unique spectrum of readers that are highly active and fun. The other interesting part is that we have surprisingly started to create a community which probably happened as our readers are progress oriented but that is yet to discover. We're happy to see this community growing and shaping organically.

Online and social media 

We are very active on social media because we really love to share the love and we are on the most popular channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. 
Do we have a social media plan? Of course we do! A daily schedule with topics of the day to keep the readers interested. We also have a blog with a clean and enjoyable design which we update with all of the latest moments so that our readers can have all the information whilst they are having coffee or waiting for someone.

Who we are?

Blanc Page started in October 2016 out of the natural desire to explore the world, to be in harmony with the environment and the joy to put the highlights of the experience together at one place. The response to the first publication was so good that today we help thousands of people to become more open for discovering more of our world and to admire the beauty of their own home.

Dennis (aka DaMan, aka Zebra for loving black and white and having high energy), Founder and Editor: When my family told me to always work hard and follow my dreams, they imagined me wearing a suit and tie, having a "proper job"! The last thing they though about is me working for magazine and even to this day (after seven months), it's still not clear to them what I actually do. But hey, I love it and this is exactly what I want to do!
One of the Oxford fellows below »

Bojana (aka the fashion guru, aka Borsha the colorful designer and general lover of life), Online Editor and Creative Assistant: When I was a little girl I would dress my barbies not just in barbie clothes but in silly things such as lolly wrappers, leafs, anything I could really get my hands onto. They had to be unique and to this day I design my own statement pieces when I go out. I love working with the team, it is fun every single day and that is what it is all about!Hint: The smiling lady with cool retro sunglasses and a sun hat. Can you find her? »

Yes, we could have put smart office photos from LinkedIn instead but let's keep is real. �

With each new issue of Blanc Page, we love to bring in new people who bring in some freshness, people who challenge us with their ideas and perspective e.g. how about supporting the Headstogether campaign, how about running this or that type of campaign, we never had before. For us each project is a unique journey which starts on a blank page - no project is the same.




How we work and what drives us 

We are a small team but we are a very determined one, we aim at pushing boundaries and welcome any new opportunities with a friendly yet proactive approach because this is what we love doing – it is what drives us. 

To us, publishing a new issue is like putting together a collage of your best moments after a vacation. It's a high valuable way to reflect the time you had but what you truly enjoyed were the actual moments. Our top moments while creating a new issue are the planning where we unleash our creativity and it flows and flows, the moments we run campaigns and people get passionate about being involved, the moments when a young designer or an owner of a small blog says: "YES! My work is remarkable and I have made it on a magazine." and the moments we can laugh about ourselves. Honestly, we actually even have a board with insider notes to make fun of ourselves. 

The bloggers and photographers Blanc Page loves to work with have a great understanding of their followers and through experience, they know exactly which content will trigger higher attention and reaction. We love collaborating with exciting people wherever they are, and whatever moment they are at in life – we are open to do something great with everyone. When we collaborate with a person or a company we put their brand out there but setting our readers benefit as highest priority! Anyone featured on the magazine gets recognition and readers benefit from entertaining, educative and informative content. 

Why we love working with bloggers so much? Bloggers are changemaker in the fashion and any lifestyle industry. Bloggers tell simple, original, real and enjoyable stories with content which is on high quality standard. But the majority usually publish their story on their own blog then share it on social media and hope to be somehow recognised, and so when using simple search methods you will mostly just discover a few top bloggers. But the majority is simply not reflected and represented well! By giving each blogger the chance to be part of a campaign - Independent of the number of their followers but how passionated and constant they are, they can experience a great corporation with agencies and reach they high recognition they deserve. Blogging helps you reflect you experience in a fun way, bloggers are very open and this is something we are very happy to encourage.

Our Passion and commitment to make this issue happen 

With the magazine’s fresh and unique page design, creative content and endless fun campaigns we hope to reach as many people as possible. We want to be their number one influencers to achieving their hopes and dreams on a regular basis. And we can't wait to share our summer issue to the world! 

Challenges/Problem: The amount of positive reactions that we receive is constantly growing and with this also things we have to take care of. We have both stopped doing other jobs and pay our running costs, advertising cost and staff with some little saving we had (considering the additional private costs we still take care of things like rent, or veterinary services for our dog and the list goes on).



The main financial outlay for magazines are printing, paper and postage costs. The next main cost to consider is creating the content of the magazine.  In our case as an online magazine, we are fortuned enough to cut out the printing and paper cost and to invest the savings to run campaigns - both on- and offline. The content on our magazine is set up together by the person we are writing about, of a blogger, a blogger, by contributors and the content we create ourselves. We enjoy having a good communications with brands, agencies and bloggers which gives us the chance to receive high quality content and give bring them with valuable contacts in return. Our in-house team is great! Not just because of the great humor and everyones high commitment but also the experience you can find in editing text, photography, video and deigning of the article and page. The talent you can find within the team is another important key point when that makes us work efficiently but also to save costs on a long term. 

None of the donation is used to pay ourselves but we do have to employ freelancer contributor for administration duties and social media on a low but fair rates. We try to cover as much cost as possible by ourselves by working very hard and understand the support of donors as our kick to grow the magazine and give something back to the community. Have closer look at where exactly the donation goes to below.

We value having a good relationship and so we invite you to follow our progress on here and via social media but also contact us at anytime you would like to have support for your or your friends project!

How we plan to cover our costs

As a magazine that speaks to the wide audience and connecting advertising with storytelling is our main focus. We offer sponsored content, small display and full page display but we are happy to personalise it for certain brands that have their own ideas and are in need of more assistance. 

Our main reasons to go on KickStarter? 

  • Content: We get to hear from our readers which article inspired them, which ones helped them to save their income wisely or how excited they are about an upcoming event suggested by us (including free tickets). We love researching on- and offline, doing interviews, capturing photos to have entertaining, informative and educative content that we can round up with a suited editorial design. This is where our hearts beat!
  • Devices: Our magazine is currently designed for browsers on desktop but we want to bring the magazine on all devices, without having to download and extra applications but just having your browser on mobile or tablet. This way we can enable you to read bits of peaces of the magazine at any time you like, at the beach, in a cafe on the bus, literally anywhere - with or without network. Blanc Page is ready to read at anytime over the day.

So in short, with your donate will help us to.. 

  • cover running costs 
  • add one more team member 
  • be able to focus on doing research 
  • focus on creating more high quality content 
  • do better advertising on- and online 
  • run more campaigns on- and offline 
  • be available on all devices 

Plus, with each donate 10% supports a local student unions and young entrepreneurs with fulfilling what they work for.

Hopes We have always been looking up to magazines of the Conde Nast publication, from Vogue, GQ to House & Gardens. Magazines have been tried to be be digitilises since the early days of the internet (including pdf imitation with animations) without being very convincing. Blanc Pages' magazine designed is on the latest technology but we are highly active on social media as well.

People love being part of the magazine, whether they get involved as a partner or ambassador. It's cool project to be a part of and we hope you become a part of our journey as well.


White rolled up t-shirt with BLANC PAGE Magazine logo. A personal message will be added on the front bottom or on the back front. 

Risks and challenges

A summer issue is very fun to create and offers a wild range of topics to cover but the biggest enemy involved in this issue is the limited time for production and causes the following risks..

1. Risk: 
We are most of our time busy with administration duties and this does not leave us much time for qualitative research and thereby effects the quality as the quantity of the content.

2. Risk: 
Some brands and event organiser may not be ready to compromise and give free tickets or products to our editors and bloggers. In this case we would have to finance the ticket by getting more advertiser involved which would cost us extra time and effect the quality and quantity of content.

Our good contact with friend in the fashion industries, previous collaborations and people in pr can gives us a bit extra support every now and then but rather than seeing our valuable contacts as an emergency net, we like the idea of working hard and having then as an extra boost where we can mutually benefit.

Speaking of hard work, we are currently working 10+ hours per day and thanks to your support we would be able to provide higher quality content and grow our audience by running more campaigns.

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