Suicide Kelly
Suicide Kelly

This project has already launched.

SUICIDE KELLY is a British boxing drama set in a neglected area of Leeds. The film explores social tensions in a post Brexit Britain and the importance sport plays in young people’s lives.

The film focuses on Brendan Kelly, an alcoholic ex-boxer, contemplating suicide. He wastes each day, watching documentaries on immigration and stewing over a racially motivated attack that cost him his boxing career as a young man. When Cain, his troubled grandson, runs away from home to escape his abusive father, Brendan attempts to guide him away from his own self-destructive legacy. 

We want to make SUICIDE KELLY to fully represent an area we feel is currently underrepresented in film. SUICIDE KELLY is not a ‘for’ or ‘against’ Brexit film, instead, we are taking a closer look at the discussions it has caused and the rising xenophobia in a divided nation. 

We have a strong team of experienced crew, all who are locally sourced and passionate about making this film. If you have time, please watch our video to find out more about this project. 

We hope we can make this film with you. Thank you!

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