Sui Generis:  A Story of Humankind
Sui Generis: A Story of Humankind

This project has already launched.

It has been said that film and music are universal languages... I could not agree more.

The funds are being raised to create an uplifting, short film about the human condition.  The main objective is to inspire any who watch it, so that they may create, or innovate, or become what they always dreamed of being.    

In times like these, I believe a film like this is of great importance.  We are at a turning point in human existence--one where we can change the world for the betterment of all.

This film will stray away from any political or religious motives.  It will be focused solely on the marvel of our accomplishments, the grandeur of those men and women who paved the way, or anyone who displays kindness day-to-day.  We are a unified essence.  When we work together with honest intentions, we are an unstoppable force.  Truly, anything is possible.

I have seen the compassion we have for one another, the brilliance behind our minds, the will within our spirits, and the love behind our hearts.  These qualities are the foundation for the overall theme. 

We are "sui generis."

I am a producer and writer by profession, but I also consider myself a philosopher, because I am always thinking... what is the purpose of life? 

My background in film production, along with the help of friends, will provide the resources to accomplish this film at budget.  This will include story development, principal cinematography, musical score composition, media licensing, professional female and male voice-over, post-production editing, and marketing implementation. 


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