Website for Subject Archive Distribution: Free Host Service
Website for Subject Archive Distribution: Free Host Service

This project has already launched.

Digital website for noncommercial free hosting service for self-archiving, providing central subject distribution for authors.

About this project

This campaign is urgently needed to fund this project and will pay for the creative design of a brand and website. Working collaboratively with university researchers, the website will provide a centralized location for self-archiving and distribution of up-to-date articles on factors influencing the development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). To further this effort, we provide a facility for scientists to conduct field studies for the purpose of advancing the field of epigenetics. The website will provide noncommercial central subject archive distribution for authors to post papers providing a free hosting service. 

The website content will: (1) Provide a centralized platform for sharing topics in neurobiology, (2) Provide a centralized location for authors to self-archive results, thus allowing public access to the most recent literature in the field in epigenetics, (3) Include a description of the animal welfare program providing shelter and care for adopted rescued horses including information about physical limitations and special needs of resident horses, (4) Provide information on horse therapeutic programs open to the public. Criteria to participate will be included in descriptions of therapy programs.

Donations will be used to pay for these Design Services and Products: (1) Design organization logo (2) Design and develop landing page and website. 

Estimated time for completion of design products and services is estimated at 60 days from start date. Start date will begin within 3 business days following this campaign. Delays are unavoidable.To compensate for unexpected delays, the project completion date may extend an additional 30 days. 

Risks and challenges

This is a fund raising campaign to establish a website to provide a profile page to host nonfiction articles and papers in collaboration with researchers from institutions of higher education. Collaboration is critical to the success of this effort as is the involvement of scholars publishing in the core field of study. At the heart of this effort is a solid commitment to participate from university departments and engage research faculty to share findings. Challenges faced up until now have been due to changes in university department administrations. Over time, the challenge to engage researchers to use this platform for sharing and distribution of findings will present new opportunities for advancement in the field thus expanding the base of information available on the website. Scientific research evolves because of new ideas and approaches to familiar topics, and we welcome the opportunity to present our website to attract contributors in many fields. We hope to contribute to and support the efforts of research faculty for adding to the existing body of knowledge in the field of neurobiology, and by offering to host author's publications, encourage new discovery in the field of epigenetics and improve the quality of treatment programs for persons with a PTSD diagnosis.

This campaign does not require approval or a premarket review.

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